Mopar salutes Don Garlits and muscle-car past as it eyes global future

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1970 Dodge Challenger Mopar
Performance has forever person's name a hallmark for Mopar, counting enhancing the 1970 Challenger.

By: Greg Migliore on 1/31/2012

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Mopar complete its person's name in presentation and parts, but Chrysler's inexpensive separation is staking its prospect on practicality.

The make famous its 75th anniversary on Tuesday at the Mopar manufacturing lab in Center Line, Mich., now north of Detroit. While it rolled out four tradition cars by means of a variety of stages of show-and-go upgrades and drag-racing legend Don Garlits, Mopar officials now decidedly forward-looking. Its crop are now sold in 120 countries, and present are additional supposed 500,000 lesser and accessories available.

The separation too has person's name taste cars, counting the 2012 Mopar 300, construct was revealed as fraction of the anniversary celebration. The 300 was preceded by Mopar-tuned Dodge Chargers and Challengers.

“What in progress out as a solitary person's name for antifreeze in 1937 is now a worldwide brand,” Mopar CEO Pietro Gorlier said.

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Dodge Challenger Greg Migliore
Mopar series its tradtion of rivalry by means of sporting versions of the Challenger.

Mopar is the key basis of lesser for the Fiat/Chrysler alliance brands, creation it one of the quickest divisions of the collection to integrate resources. A spokesman declined to say consequences Mopar is gainful or specify similar figures, citing spirited reasons.

Mopar too connected up by means of Fiat component Magneti Marelli, construct intended it to service and provide dealers by means of lesser for non-Chrysler cars. The worldwide nature was underscored by means of the Fiat 500, construct had additional supposed 150 Mopar accessories obtainable at launch.

The separation is motionless maybe the majority excellent recognized for its power cars of the 1960s, but Gorlier supposed it's focused on growth by means of contemporary features, counting aptitude of engine tuning, apps for smartphones and still apparel to lift its profile by means of customers in dealerships.

Don Garlits Greg Migliore
Top Fuel legend Don Garlits was on give to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mopar--and his 80th birthday.

Still, Gorlier was rapid to note so as to Mopar embraces its history, and Garlits--winner of inquisitiveness NHRA titles and 144 events--was on give as proof. He now famous his 80th birthday, and he was partial to the tuned 300 on display, construct can run to 60 mph in the low five-second range.

“This is my pick, Hemi black,” he said.

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