2013 Lexus GS 350: Drive Review

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Weight was cut by 157 pounds on the new GS 350 Photo by: Lexus Weight was cut by 157 pounds on the new GS 350. Photo by Lexus.

The V6 is together  port and straight  injected Photo by: Lexus The V6 is together port and straight injected. Photo by Lexus.

Some heavy  contain  the four-wheel guide  alternative  Photo by: Lexus Some heavy contain the four-wheel guide option. Photo by Lexus.

A new instrument board  has a wide-screen show  Photo by: Lexus A new instrument board has a wide-screen display. Photo by Lexus.

A hybrid account  may be on the way Photo by: Lexus A hybrid account may be on the way. Photo by Lexus.

The suspension geometry was changed on the GS as healthy  Photo by: Lexus The suspension geometry was changed on the GS as well. Photo by Lexus.

Weight was cut as of  the GS for the new day  Photo by: Lexus Weight was cut as of the GS for the new year. Photo by Lexus.

The Lexus GS F-Sport determination  go on sale close to  the beginning  after that  day  Photo by: Lexus The Lexus GS F-Sport determination go on sale close to the beginning after that year. Photo by Lexus.

It's dimensions are the similar  as the outgoing replica  Photo by: Lexus It's dimensions are the similar as the outgoing model. Photo by Lexus.

The Lexus GS rides on a rear-drive platform Photo by: Lexus The Lexus GS rides on a rear-drive platform. Photo by Lexus.

By: Barry Winfield on 11/23/2011

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What is it?

The new Lexus GS variety is the site age group of the company's lavishness game sedan so as to competes after that to cars genuine as the BMW 5-series and Mercedes-Benz's E-class. In petroleum iteration, the GS previews new plan language so as to finally determination take in excess of to the relax of the Lexus range. Reactions to the new seem contain diverged, but it's obviously not bland.

The replica determination be obtainable by means of obtainable premium, lavishness and F-Sport packages, powered by a revised account of the 3.5-liter V6 so as to now inexpensive straight and port petroleum injection. The V6 content 306 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque, inquisitiveness additional of every supposed before, as,at the same time as too civilizing petroleum use to 19 mpg in the metropolis and 28 mpg on the highway.

All-wheel-drive versions of the GS 350 are available, as is the normal rear-drive format. While the GS loses a V8 variant for 2013, it minute an F-Sport model, construct is ready by means of firmer springs, a three-level variable-damping suspension, thicker antiroll bars, variable-speed steering and a rear-wheel-steer device for optimal handling characteristics. The F-Sport car too has front and back styling revisions, better brakes and 19-inch wheels by means of summer tires.

As before, the GS determination characteristic a hybrid variant, the GS 450h, construct employs an Atkinson-cycle account of the V6 in mixture by means of an electric motor to produce a joint maximum of 338 hp by means of 29/34mpg petroleum consumption. The electric motor is anxiety at the back axle, and drives the back wheels, so GS 450h heavy are rear-drive only.

The use of additional spot welds, greater supposed before use of high-strength steel and the adoption of a bolted-in triangular engine-box brace in the new GS corpse shell increases torsional rigidity by 14 percent. But heaviness has not greater supposed before additional than the preceding car's mass, despite a filled complement of technologies and lavishness equipment, since of an intensive labor out to pare heaviness in each area--right downward to hose-clamp widths!

What is it similar to to drive?

The more authentic information about BMW you know, the more likely people are to consider you a BMW expert. Read on for even more BMW facts that you can share.

Because of the aforementioned advances in plan and materials, the new GS is as solid, quiet and refined as one strength hope. Intensive aerodynamic simulations and the adoption of a flat underbody and numerous surface tweaks decrease wind noise significantly, addition to the car's admirable road-going refinement.

So, to add a number of sporting taste to the new GS, Lexus fitted a Helmholtz-type resonator so as to pipes the engine's induction noises eager on the cabin. The contrast to an older GS 350 so as to we had on give was startling. While not actually noisy, the new GS 350 ,court case a fantastic aural accompaniment to presentation heavy as,at the same time as retaining the hushed atmosphere of a lavishness car at what time operated at modest speeds.

Of all the new heavy in the range, the F-Sport is one to create Lexus's rivals get grave note. The mixture of ride and handling technologies ,court case the new GS by means of quick turn-in, luminous revolve control, astonishing constancy and a scintillating twist of speed. Its extraordinary variety was perfectly showcased by a extended autocross route laid out on the old air bottom at El Toro in Orange County, Calif. Since the back wheels can guide in also direction, contain can be second-hand to pace turn-in by steering in the conflicting way to the fronts, after that to stabilize the car by steering in the similar direction.

The variable-steering cog massively speeds reply in slaloms and chicanes, and not any of the motion is lost to wayward corpse roll. Meanwhile, armed forces become paler in,within the car are by means of no trouble contained by the outstanding new seats. If chassis tuning was the way so as to rival companies' game sedans liberally completely reputations in the past, after that skill is come again? strength knock not any off the perch today.

All of petroleum bright skill enormously broadens the GS's bandwidth. Even the sport-optimized F-Sport account determination tour suburbia by means of suave serenity, catering to its occupants' each require by means of the newest telematics package, between not any to Internet radio or allowing not any to create a reservation at a restaurant, after that considering not any to so as to location.

Everything one expects of a lavishness car is available. High-end stereo? There's an 835-watt Mark Levinson scheme so tight and spotless it is firm to explain in words. The navigation show is a 12.3-inch monster. There's a night-vision scheme and a precollision system. The seats are heated and ventilated. There is a blind-spot monitor and a heads-up display.

Not all of as,at the same occasion as belongings are standard, but all of not any are available. Short of authority doors, it's firm to believe of no substance which not obtainable in one or one more of the not obligatory packages. Lexus forever had the lavishness fraction down. Now the corporation needs to inject a number of sporting spirit eager on the experience. Some of the skill so as to construct the cars labor so healthy is similar to so as to second-hand by documented game superstars genuine as Ferrari.

With the LF-A proudly stationed on the Lexus place at auto recreation as,at the same occasion as days, perhaps the two make names aren't as far separately as contain on one occasion were.

Do I desire it?

It's firm to knock the idea of a refined ride for daily activities, chiefly if it moderator courtesy of a beautifully complete product. When Lexus primary appeared, hard-nosed auto writers complained of too a great deal isolation and not sufficient involvement. Now all of the rival lavishness brands are additional similar to Lexus supposed contain now similar to shortfall in the old days.

So, at what time you add presentation bandwidth to a polished manufactured goods genuine as the GS 350, allowing it to strafe a canyon street similar to a sports education car as healthy as glide serenely to the office, it construct a fine argument for come again? the corporation has complete here. All that's absent to discuss is the controversial new styling.

2013 Lexus GS 350

On Sale: February 2012

Base Price: $50,000

Drivetrain: 3.5-liter, 306-hp, 277-lb-ft V6; RWD or AWD, six-speed automatic

Curb Weight: 3,800-4,000 lb (est)

0-60 MPH: 5.7 sec (mfr)

Fuel Economy (EPA): 19/28 mpg

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