2013 Honda Fit EV: Drive review

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Honda Fit EV Honda
The Honda Fit EV launches after that day in the U.S. market.

By: Greg Migliore on 12/06/2011

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What is it?

This is Honda's all-electric variant of the Fit, and it injects sorely wanted attitude eager on petroleum entry-level hatch.

Honda inappropriately the 20-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack powers a coaxial motor to give 116 mpg-e. It runs in inquisitiveness modes--eco, usual and sport. The car costs $37,395, counting destination, and the lease speed is predictable to be concerning $399 a month. The Fit EV has an predictable 76-mile range, normal to the EPA’s adjusted scale.

Revealed at the Los Angeles auto demonstrate in manufacture guise, the car launches petroleum summer in California and Oregon for leases. It determination after that be obtainable in East Coast similar to in close to the beginning 2013. Honda anticipates a three-year quantity of 1,100 units.

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What is it similar to to drive?

It's similar to a Fit on Viagra. We sampled it on a street route at Twin Motegi in Japan, and electricity jolts Honda's little hatch by means of a newfound power the conservative replica lacks in the majority circumstances. The electric powertrain is quiet, and the broadcast is well-organized and smooth. The torque is physically powerful as of open and armed up is respectable. The regenerative brakes are a bit heavier but not annoying. Otherwise, it drives and handles similar to a Fit, construct is rather robust for genuine a little car. The chassis is tight, the corpse is composed and it handles average speeds adeptly.

Do I desire it?

Surprisingly, yes. The gasoline Fit toes the row of emotion sensibly priced at times. We know—we had one as fraction of our long-term fleet for a year. But it is a lot of fun to drive in a number of circumstances, and at what time you delete the raspy four-cylinder for a silky electric powertrain, suddenly enthusiasts and green-car hereditarily alike contain cause to create sure it out. The prowess and efficiency overshadow the substantial faults of the Fit. Remember, petroleum is an electric liberally on an recognized platform. In petroleum new age of EVs by means of questionable list and from occasion to time unproven technology, so as to income something.

Consumers motionless contain to pay for electric technology, and considering the $40,000-price variety still upstarts genuine as Coda are charging, the sticker on petroleum is reasonable. Still, the Chevrolet Volt large additional upscale and substantial, still although it's not all electric.

What's the the majority excellent deal? That might be the BMW ActiveE, construct can be leased for concerning $499 a month by means of a downward payment. It's a bit more, but it's a 1-series, construct by nature trumps the Fit.

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