2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, Flash Drive Car Review

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car appraisal  Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster.
The V8 in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster is rated at 571 hp.

By: Mark Vaughn on 9/16/2011

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What is it?

Mercedes-Benz the top off the SLS and lets the sun excel in. The similar huge drivetrain and suspension is now topped by means of a completely routine retractable canvas top by means of solid back glass. The top weapons up or downward in 11 place and can still be operated at speeds up to 31 mph, so you don't contain to chunk transfer at what time the sun moderator out all of a sudden.

Since the SLS was intended as of the outset to house a soft top, extra structural reinforcements now incomplete to slight make of the door sills and a number of cross-bracing, all of construct additional merely 4.4 pounds to the body-in-white. Total heaviness add to for the roadster account was merely 88 pounds. Total add to in fun was significantly more.

What is it similar to to drive?

If you find yourself confused by what you've read to this point, don't despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

Is present a improved impressive tourer complete today? Seriously, if you had to--say an important person compulsory you--to drive the most roads of, say, Europe, all of the most roads, well, OK, after that you'd contain concerning a compensation choices for construct car to take. But if you required to get an important person the distance end to end of and you required so as to being to be at ease and, indeed, you required a far above the ground height of soothe to go by means of by means of high-speed Alpine Pass-crossings, the catalog of cars to do it in shrinks a bit. After careful thought you strength discover the SLS Roadster on top of the list.

The powertrain is unchanged as of the coupe. The 6.2-liter V8 motionless construct 571 hp at 6,800 rpm and 480 lb-ft of torque, and it motionless tableware huge responsibility it. The dissimilarity is you can now perceive sound so as to magnificent thunderous cacophony a great deal improved by means of the top down. Blasting from side to side the a lot of tunnels of the Alpes Maritimes we pulled the "down" paddle on the absent surface of the steering wheel now to perceive sound the sound of the pipes echoing off the cool limestone.

Our drive way quick us as of the Grand Prix route in the streets of Monaco--specifically from side to side the start/finish, the bus-stop chicane and from side to side the tunnel--to extended winding stretches of the Rallye Monte Carlo from side to side Sospel. In the metropolis and the distance end to end of the beaches of the Cote d'Azure by means of the top down, the SLS Roadster was ideal for communing by means of the beach community. The SLS behaves perfectly smoothly in stop-and-go transfer and might by means of no trouble function as a each day driver. Once up in the hills we might set the broadcast and suspension to what was suitable for mountain pursuit driving. The broadcast can go as of usual to game and sport-plus transfer on by means of mood and present is a new feature, to be shared by means of the coupe, so as to intended for inquisitiveness stiffness settings for the suspension. And, thankfully, present is a "traction off" button, construct we employed for the a lot of hairpin switchbacks. The authority of the car was simple to lay downward onto the roads, and the constancy of the SLS Roadster, now as in the coupe, is amazing. We by no means got eager on any problem despite roads so as to counting eat lesser cars for lunch.

In a straight line, 0 to 60 mph moderator up in 3.6 place and top pace is 197 mph. We didn't try the top pace but we consider the car is fairly able of that.

Do I desire it?

There are additional capable sports education cars so as to might negotiate a racetrack earlier supposed petroleum and give additional immediate, straight feedback to by means of sitzplatz, but the SLS Roadster is a car so as to you might live by means of spending a summer crisscrossing each go by in the Alps now as by means of no trouble as crossing each intersection in Paris (or Peoria).

Of course, it ain't cheap. Mercedes inappropriately pricing determination be "under $200,000" at what time cars begin arriving in dealerships in close to the beginning November.

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