2012 BMW 528i, Flash Drive Car Review

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car appraisal  BMW 5-series station wagon.
The turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the BMW 5-series wagon is rated at 240 hp.

By: Greg Migliore on 10/13/2011

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What is it?

The 2012 BMW 528i brings turbocharged four-cylinder authority to the vaunted 5-series. The new engine construct 240 hp at 5,000 rpm and 260 lb-ft of torque at now 1,250 rpm. The preceding I6 component complete 240 hp (at 6,600 rpm) and 230 lb-ft of torque (at 2,750-4,000 rpm). The twin-scroll turbo four-cylinder employs straight injection and BMW's valvetronic changeable valve timing skill to assist add to power. It too has an all-aluminum chunk so as to is lighter and additional compact supposed the I6.

The four-banger is paired by means of an eight-speed routine broadcast and is obtainable in rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations. There too is a stop/start characteristic so as to aims to get better efficiency. Production casement in September, and the car arrives petroleum fall.

What is it similar to drive?

Most of this information comes straight from the BMW pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you'll know what they know.

We dashed downward as of Bavaria eager on Austria in the 528i as daylight rapidly faded on a cool drop evening, cutting from side to side the Alps in soothe and by means of speed. We drove the 528i wagon (all so as to was obtainable for the test), construct is not pending to the U.S. market, but it did showcase the new engine's prowess.

The car is physically powerful as of launch. The turbo four has a pleasing purr low in the band and as the revs build, chiefly throughout glow armed up at concerning 3,000 rpm. Floor it on the autobahn, and petroleum car is surprisingly quick, allowing us to stay pace by means of an M3 so as to was cruising. The torque is become paler approximately immediately, and the drag is evident all through the rev band. The engine too shines at what time accelerating as of moderate speeds on the expressway to flat-out flying throughout transitory situations (or now for fun). The authority is served up smoothly, and the forsaken cylinders as of the I6 are by no means missed. The four-cylinder is predictable to get 23 mpg in metropolis heavy and 34 mpg on the highway, normal to beginning EPA estimates.

The stop/start characteristic worked flawlessly, by means of a button illuminating on the dash to tell the intended come again? is leaving on. This strength get a number of occasion for funding in the U.S. marketplace to understand. It's operational properly, it's now a bit foreign to come again? Americans are second-hand to in each day driving. Still, on one occasion educated, the scheme is nonintrusive and well-organized for motorists.

Otherwise, the center and the corpse stay more frequently supposed not unchanged. It's a quiet ride by means of premium resources and a at ease setting. The navigation scheme got us lost close to the Austrian border at what time it couldn't maneuver approximately construction, but so as to might occur anywhere.

Driving the sedan account determination probable showcase the strength of the engine still more, although by means of enormous luggage and additional wares, petroleum hauler was fairly helpful for Alpine duty.

Do I desire it?

Yes. If anything, the turbo pumps new spirit eager on the buttoned-down 5-series. It's efficient, quick, and oh, you motionless get to drive a 5-series. It's additional influential and earlier supposed it was previous year. Don't fret concerning how a lot of cylinders are--or aren't--under the hood.

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