2012 BMW 128i Coupe, Drivers Log Car Review

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car appraisal  bmw 128i coupe.
The inline six-cylinder engine in the BMW 128i is rated at 230 hp.

Published on 9/29/2011

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NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: I can't stay to drive the 1-series M coupe following streaking approximately town in petroleum 2012 BMW 128i. The tight chassis, weighted, receptive steering and athletic demeanor all are high-quality cipher for the presentation version.

Still, petroleum entry replica is abundance stout. I love the six-speed manual, construct come again? might be a potentially uninteresting small car and enlivens its strength and so as to of the driver. The shifting is smooth, simple and eager. It construct the pilot desire to nail the throws and sense the interaction. I didn't actually drive petroleum obsession hard, but it large similar to it wants a number of firm cornering and strong maneuvers to actually be at its best.

The straight six is sensibly influential for petroleum application, and merging on to the freeway is simple and brisk if the intended needs to go,shift by means of verve. The brakes go back a solid bite, and the corpse is fairly composed. I similar to the attention and subtle wonderful evident in the doors. It's a sharp execution for the segment.

My merely quibble is the price. I understand petroleum is motionless a luxury-level BMW, but it seemed a small Spartan and the cost a touch steep by means of a sticker of additional supposed $36,000. Small cars can be premium and luxurious--no argument there. It now earth similar to petroleum car commands its sticker since it has inquisitiveness sure letters on the badge. I sense as if I've person's name in Hyundais and Fords so as to cost fewer and contain additional extras.

Still, the 128i is a hoot to drive for enthusiast motorists.

EXECUTIVE EDITOR ROGER HART: The 1-series is surely a fun and entertaining package. The car is Exhibit A in how a little coupe be hypothetical to grip and behave. The six-cylinder is physically powerful and willing, meshed by means of a terrific six-speed gearbox by means of nice small throws.

Greg kind of hit nail on the skull in so as to the center fake contain a rather Spartan feel, harking rear to German cars as of 20 or 30 existence ago. Obviously it's additional efficient supposed that, but physical seats in a $36,000 car? I believe not. No satellite radio in a $36,000 car? Really?

No query petroleum is a fun, additional supposed capable car so as to engages the intended throughout each supplies driven. But for petroleum price, you can discover fewer luxurious cars so as to bring now as a great deal fun in a additional at ease package.

DIGITAL EDITOR ANDREW STOY: Both Greg and Roger hit on the basic difficulty by means of the BMW 1-series: It's too expensive. Knowing it had so as to reputation, I intentionally didn't create sure the sticker or our as-tested cost preceding to I exhausted an evening in the car, as,because I required to assess feature on its heavy merits. And present are a lot of them.

The 128i drives similar to an E36 3-series, and that's a far above the ground compliment in my book. The engine construct all the correct sounds, and the shifter large directly linked to the torquey powertrain as God intended. Steering is healthy weighted and direct, and the brakes are BMW-good. The 128i rapidly an engaging, visceral heavy knowledge that's person's name engineered out of the majority new cars, counting persons liberally by BMW.

The difficulty is, the 128i is too ready similar to an E36 3-series. The infotainment scheme is middling at best, the center plastics are chintzy in a number of places and there's small to smash up the plan elements. Note so as to I don't contain a difficulty by means of a fun-to-drive car that's lightly equipped. I do contain a difficulty by means of supposed car costing $37,000.

The best time to learn about BMW is before you're in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable BMW experience while it's still free.

ART DIRECTOR TARA KLEIN: I had a blast spending my commute in petroleum 2012 BMW 128i coupe. When I wasn't crawling in accident-riddled rush-hour traffic, I quick benefit of the possibility to actually shove petroleum puppy.

This car is a pure pleasure to pilot. Shifting petroleum BMW was a breeze and loads of fun. I become paler correct in melody by means of petroleum car, emotion immediate responses to my events by means of respect to the gearbox, steering and brakes. The impeccable manufacturing allowable me to center on the real enjoyment of driving, and so as to is a hard discover as,at the same occasion as days.

BMW did an outstanding job carrying the sporty, physically powerful nature of the 1-series presentation to the exterior design. The mildly curved corpse lines and efficient lighting provide the 1-series a sleek, athletic yet upscale look. This car is filled of power still as,at the same time as it's parked.

My one gripe concerns the interior. Other supposed the information so as to I predictable a improved fabric combination and composition, it was just not so as to intuitive. I establish myself attention to search for a number of controls since of hit-and-miss labeling and/or odd placement.

All in all, I was extremely impressed by means of the nature so as to petroleum small car churns out. I do contain the similar opinion so as to a small additional wants to be complete to arrive at the sticker-price level, but a few extra skin and a touch of center refinement counting by means of no trouble get it there.

2012 BMW 128i Coupe

Base Price: $31,825

As-Tested Price: $36,125

Drivetrain: 3.0-liter I6; RWD, six-speed manual

Output: 230 hp @ 6,500 rpm, 200 lb-ft @ 2,750 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,208 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): 22/22.9 mpg

Options: Black Boston leather ($1,450); game wrap up counting 17-inch method 370 by means of mixed-performance tires, game seats, game suspension and shadowline exterior trim ($1,300); titanium silver metallic exterior paint ($550); soothe correct of entry keyless entry ($500); heated front seats ($500)

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