2011 Nissan Leaf SV: Review Notes

When most people think of BMW, what comes to mind is usually basic information that's not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there's a lot more to BMW than just the basics.
2011 Nissan Leaf SV 2011 Nissan Leaf SV .

2011 Nissan Leaf SV 2011 Nissan Leaf SV .

2011 Nissan Leaf SV 2011 Nissan Leaf SV .

2011 Nissan Leaf SV 2011 Nissan Leaf SV .

2011 Nissan Leaf SV 2011 Nissan Leaf SV .

2011 Nissan Leaf SV 2011 Nissan Leaf SV .

2011 Nissan Leaf SV 2011 Nissan Leaf SV .

2011 Nissan Leaf SV 2011 Nissan Leaf SV .

By: Andrew Stoy on 12/16/2011

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DIGITAL EDITOR ANDREW STOY: My evening by means of the 2011 Nissan Leaf SV marked my primary genuine knowledge by means of an all-electric vehicle as a “real car.” I've had electric cars in parking lots and inappropriately not any approximately proving grounds, but persons experiences don't equivalent come again? it's similar to captivating a car out of One Autoweek Tower, hot-footing it onto I-75, after that responsibility the transfer shuffle for the 10-mile drive home.

Before all that, though, I had to bolt my kids' car seats eager on the rear of the Leaf. Despite a battery pack lurking somewhere, all went smoothly, thanks to abundance of usable room. Likewise, unplugging the Leaf as of the 115-volt outlet to construct it leftovers tethered in the parking garage was simple, and the cord/charger went eager on a surprisingly big hatch region by means of a terrified floor.

Into the driver's seat, shove the button, toggle the mouselike broadcast controller eager on D, and absent you hum. Thanks to plenty torque, there's no issue moving absent as of lights or accelerating onto the freeway, and by the occasion you're up to speed, the moderate tire and wind noise construct the Leaf sound concerning similar to heavy almost any additional well-soundproofed car at speed.

The drive itself is improved supposed so as to of the majority similarly sized subcompacts thanks to the “road hugging weight” (sorry Ford) obtainable by a few hundred pounds of batteries hanging out underneath the middle of gravity, the distance end to end of by means of the lovely electric torque. It's surely a additional enjoyable drive supposed the similar Nissan Versa--granted, at concerning twice the cost.

Knowing my Leaf was completely charged and my sum commute was merely concerning 13 on foot (which might get as a great deal as 40 minutes, transfer winning who hit what), variety nervousness didn't enter eager on the equation. I didn't lead-foot it the entire way home, nor did I putter in the slow lane. I drove the Leaf in ”average” fashion.

If you don't have accurate details regarding BMW, then you might make a bad choice on the subject. Don't let that happen: keep reading.

I was astonished to discover that, winning arriving home, I'd second-hand now knowledge on foot of my obtainable range. Either the regen had person's name responsibility its job, or Nissan has itself a near-perpetual-motion mechanism here. Either way, I was impressed.

Granted, circumstances now close to perfect for EV driving: The day was mild and overcast, so I wanted neither warmth nor A/C (or headlights). Traffic was comparatively light, so the drive quick concerning 25 minutes. I absent the stereo off so I might knowledge the silence of the EV powertrain.

Once home, the kids had fun plugging in the car, but otherwise, the knowledge was utterly normal. In the morning, we got in and did it again. No muss, no fuss, no noise, and I by no means got the car underneath 70 on foot of remaining range, still by means of manifold kid dropoffs, present on and heavier traffic.

Overall, I was actually impressed by means of the Nissan Leaf. Yeah, the cost is type of high, and I wouldn't desire to be wedged in middle Nebraska by means of it, but if petroleum is a first-generation EV, I'm suddenly excited concerning come again? an electrified prospect strength seem like.

At smallest amount as extended as I can motionless get diesels, too.

2011 Nissan Leaf SV

Base Price: $33,600

As-Tested Price: $33,930

Drivetrain: 80 kW AC synchronous electric motor; FWD, single-speed reducer

Output: 107 hp, 207 lb-ft

Curb Weight: 3,366 lb

EPA Fuel Economy Equivalent (city/highway): 106/92 mpg-e

Options: Splash guards ($140); ground mats and cargo region mat ($170); cargo net ($20)

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