2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4: Review notes

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car appraisal  of Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.
The turbocharged four-cylinder in the 2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 is rated at 181 hp.

By: Andrew Stoy on 11/17/2011

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DIGITAL EDITOR ANDREW STOY: I methodically enjoy the usual Mini Cooper S, so I had far above the ground hopes for petroleum 2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4, thinking so as to it counting improved serve the wants of folks similar to me by means of small kids and big dogs. And size-wise, the Countryman informative a nice package. There's lots of rear-seat legroom and a usable hatch (although Chester the Chessie was attention not any of it), and Mini's trait method is sprinkled all through the cabin.

What's lost, unfortunately, is the Mini's mini-ness. Simply put, the Countryman large heavy. I suspect that's partly since of the all-wheel-drive scheme on our tester, but joint by means of the additional sheetmetal, the 1.6-liter engine lost the majority of the spry, zingy nature I'm so fond of in the usual Cooper S. It moved the distance end to end of now fine on one occasion it was going, but it quick a lot additional throttle and grasp slipping supposed a Mini be hypothetical to to get it rolling.

Chances are so as to Mini aficionados determination readily overlook the slight defeat of heavy character thanks to the filled serving of Mini nature elsewhere. But for me, chiefly considering the $34,000 cost of our admittedly loaded tester, I'd be at the Audi trader plunking downward for an A3.

NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: The cost is a touch high, but petroleum car is solidly done, by means of abundance of notice to detail. From the grille to the present to still the center materials, petroleum is a sharp car.

I believe the Countryman retains the majority of the Mini magic. The chassis is tight, it's fun in corners, and the six-speed physical is a hoot. It handles healthy and large interactive. The steering is straight and still serious at times, too.

The cabin resources appear to be a pace on top of come again? I've sampled recently in Mini models, though the controls are a bit rough to find the way at first. It's nicely ready and sensibly at ease for a car petroleum size.

Overall, petroleum leftovers factual to come again? a Mini purports to be; any watering downward resulting as of the additional girth isn't perceptible to me. It's a Mini. It's not perfect, but it's a heck of a lot of fun.

EXECUTIVE EDITOR ROGER HART: A pair of belongings concerning the 2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 drove me a bit crazy. First, the contemporary throttle is in the center of the worst in any new car so as to I can remember. The throttle response, downward low, is practically nonexistent. A minor blip of the throttle to alter gears emits barely a go up in the revs, and you require to transport the rpm up to concerning 2,000 in arrange to get any torque at all out of petroleum turbo engine. It earth as if the older supercharged heavy now far additional receptive and fun--especially in Cooper S trim.

Second--and I be acquainted with we've beaten petroleum horse a lot, but it's motionless not deceased for BMW--the run-flat tires create petroleum obsession ride similar to a hay wagon. On a stretch of real freeway as of Monroe, Mich., to Toledo, Ohio, I become paler each small nuance in the concrete, each growth joint, each small bump, hump and crack. And with no my prompting, every of my inquisitiveness passengers commented on now how bad the ride is. And as,at the same occasion as populace don't be acquainted with a run-flat as of a flatiron.

I similar to the concept of the Countryman, and the four doors and additional space determination surely plug additional transportation wants for some. The heavy dynamics of the better car are surely dissimilar as of persons of the two-door Minis, and the car in fact become paler slow. And petroleum one fake not contain the go-kart-like handling of additional Minis.

You can see that there's practical value in learning more about BMW. Can you think of ways to apply what's been covered so far?

The lousy throttle reply I might live with--barely. The run-flats I might not. The ride and handling are so compromised in petroleum car so as to still by means of its too-cool-for-school styling and center design, I'd drive history the Mini amass in my quest for a vehicle.

EDITOR WES RAYNAL: I was astonished by how tepid my reply was to petroleum car, and the cost is now the proverbial icing on the unappealing cake. My grumbling starts by means of the run-flat tires, notoriously bad in BMWs and awful at petroleum time in the German automaker's Mini offshoot. The ride is now too hard, and in Detroit, that's a problem. Those counting be the primary to go--I'd get improved tires and name a towing service if I got a flat.

I discover the center to be a mishmash. Things aren't extremely intuitive, by means of switches and controls scattered hither and yon. I presume one counting get second-hand to it. Build excellence is average.

Anything good? Well, there's polite space in the rear seat, and unlike a number of of my fellow reviewers, I in fact consideration the powertrain was the car's physically powerful suit-good authority (as extended as you stay the revs up), polite gearbox. I liked the steering a lot, too.

I get so as to Mini wants to stay the lineup fresh, and Mini arguably fake one of the the majority excellent jobs in the ,manufacturing of keeping populace interested, keeping the buzz going. And I'm certain so as to the Countryman diversity to a quite broad swath of possible new customers. I'm now not one of them.

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4

Base Price: $27,650

As-Tested Price: $33,650

Drivetrain: 1.6-liter turbocharged I4; FWD, six-speed manual

Output: 181 hp @ 5,500 rpm, 177 lb-ft @ 1,600-5,000 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,208 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): 28/25.6 mpg

Options: Premium package, counting dual-pane panoramic sunroof, routine climate control, Harman Kardon sound scheme ($1,750); Sport package, counting 18-inch turbo fan alloy wheels, black hood stripes, xenon present ($1,000); glow tobacco/carbon black center ($1,000); Cold Weather package, counting authority folding mirrors, heated mirrors and washer jets, heated front seats ($750); soothe correct of entry keyless entry ($500); back park distance manage ($500); cargo net ($250); middle armrest ($250)

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