2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali: Review notes

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car appraisal  of the 2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali.
The turbodiesel in the 2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali is rated at 397 hp.

By: Roger Hart on 11/28/2011

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EXECUTIVE EDITOR ROGER HART: While heavy petroleum monster 2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali I reserved thinking so as to petroleum counting be an outstanding labor truck if you now in a commerce anywhere you wanted the hauling and brute power so as to petroleum obsession offers. I was thinking concerning all the farm trucks I drove as,at the same time as growing up, and as,at the same time as we certain might contain second-hand petroleum type of capability, not any came shut to petroleum GMC. Then I saw the $62,000 cost tag and realized petroleum is probably additional of a truck for hauling by means of vintage race-car trailer to the path or perhaps by means of demonstrate ponies to the dressage competition.

This is a formidable wrap up by means of the Duramax and the Allison six-speed transmission. Anyone who doesn't love 765 lb-ft of torque is just not a red-blooded American. This obsession flat-out stay up and goes. Passing a row of cars on a two-lane road? No problem. Cruising the freeway at 80 mph? Easy. Once you rear off the throttle, the exhaust note at cruising pace is barely audible.

And perhaps so as to is the astonishing obsession concerning the Sierra 2500HD Denali. You might by means of no trouble drag a fifth-wheel trailer, yank a stump out of the ground and after that be perfectly suited to skull out on the town, all inside notes of every other.

GM series to produce damn high-quality trucks.

EDITOR WES RAYNAL: Boat? What boat? This baby towed the family's 24-foot bowrider by means of no muss or fuss--couldn't still tell it was rear there, and it's heavy. That's come again? a 2500HD pickup by means of a gargantuan 765 lb-ft of torque determination do for you.

Over the years, I've complete no clandestine of my love for trucks, and petroleum GMC and the Ford F-250 Super Duty are together terrific big, heavy-duty pickups, as is the Chevrolet Silverado. The sight of the street is commanding, the seats are comfortable, and there's a ton of power. On acceleration, you'll perceive sound a number of diesel clatter, but on one occasion up to speed, it weapons away. And, by the way, I by no means caught a whiff of diesel stink as of the Duramax. Perhaps needless to say, present was forever authority to spare.

The long-term Ram 1500 we had at petroleum time rides better, but wasn't heavy-duty. In fact, overall, I was amazed how healthy petroleum GMC drove. Rock-solid chassis, awesome brakes and what's this? Decent steering? In a full-size pickup? Wow.

It's a at ease highway cruiser, too. The seats are good, as is the heavy position. I might see persons by means of big boats, trailers or universal labor wants ponying up for a truck similar to this, the distance end to end of by means of a lot of usual folks in require of amazing a small additional than the characteristic light-duty pickup. This truck is impressive, and I appreciated it.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR JAKE LINGEMAN: I had the 2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali for the nighttime for the primary round of moving, and it fit my 7.5-foot couch, golf clubs, baggage and an old orator box with no any problems. Of course, persons 500 pounds are probably a fifth of come again? petroleum obsession can take and a 20th of come again? it can tow.

There are few belongings additional fun so as to captivating a truck liberally to haul 13,000 pounds and gap it up by means of the bed unfilled on the highway--it cooks.

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This is correct on the edge of existence form a labor truck, I think. It has the little bed, and, as my neighbor noted, you couldn't fit a piece of drywall lying flat. There's no alternative for a extended bed by means of the Denali, normal to the Web site. The wheels are a bit flashy, but at smallest amount the tires contain taller sidewalls; you might drive from side to side a number of uneven terrain with no damaging them, unlike the 20-inch wheels on the Dodge Ram. It rides sky high, so no evils by means of clearance, either.

It's so at ease inside! I now stay thinking of four or five guys figure in following a day of labor enclosed by means of lawn or grime or real and dirtying the entire put up. I deduction if petroleum now a double-duty vehicle, labor and recreation, I might understand. Personally, I'd similar to my labor trucks to be contemptible and dirty and my daily ride to be quick and luxurious.

EXECUTIVE EDITOR BOB GRITZINGER: Well all right! Now that's a truck. Expensive, big, a bit bouncy with no a load, but if you require the type of ability at heavy-duty pickup similar to petroleum affords; you can't go incorrect by means of the GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali. Unlike a number of HDs, the Denali doesn't skimp on exterior trim touches (love the hood strakes) and center amenities. It's all quite straightforward, as of authority seat and pedal difficult to the simple GM center-stack border for navigation and audio.

But that's all trimmings--what petroleum beast is actually all concerning is grave grunt. It a careful base on wet pavement to avoid spooling up come again? earth similar to seven-odd-million foot-pounds of torque and contravention the rears loose. After a while, it mechanically a joy to get petroleum monster a small sideways, since it forever snaps smartly rear eager on place. Steering is steady and tight for a truck. That's the astonishing obsession to me--the universal driveability of petroleum HD chassis. Yeah, there's a number of jostling and skull toss, but out on the highway, it's one steady cruiser. Punch up 75 mph, let the revs resolve downward eager on near-sleep mode and let 'er roll. You gotta love that.

2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali

Base Price: $47,795

As-Tested Price: $62,179

Drivetrain: 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel V8; 4WD, six-speed automatic

Output: 397 hp @ 3,000 rpm, 765 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm

Curb Weight: 7,208 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): N/A/14.6 mpg

Options: Duramax 6.6-liter V8 turbo diesel ($7,195); touch-screen navigation scheme by means of CD player and XM transfer ($2,250); Allison six-speed routine broadcast ($1,200); authority sunroof ($895); 20-inch fake polished-aluminum wheels ($850); six-inch tubular chromed help ladder ($689); heated and cooled front seats ($650); rear-vision-camera scheme ($450); heated steering wheel ($150); diesel engine chill wrap ($55)

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