Toyota RAV4 EV prototype: We drive the Toyesla

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By: Mark Vaughn on 4/14/2011

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For the the majority part, we're motionless charitable off eager on the prospect at what time it moderator to EVs. Right now, the merely mass-produced electric car you can in fact buy as of a main manufacturer is the Nissan Leaf. But after that year, the marketplace determination be crawling by means of them. Toyota determination contain inquisitiveness if you add up the plug-in: the Scion iQ, the plug-in Toyota Prius and the Toyota RAV4 EV.

We had a long-term plug-in Prius prototype a few months ago. We haven't driven the iQ yet, and petroleum week, we got to drive a five-mile suburban loop in a RAV4 EV prototype. We establish it now concerning prepared for marketplace correct now.

But we're base to satisfy supposed Toyota, apparently. The manufacture account of the RAV4 EV won't arrive at by means of destination for one more year, but the prototype was so shut to manufacture principles so as to additional car decide might study a lot as of Toyota.

Both Tesla and Toyota are hoping to study as of every additional in petroleum partnership. Tesla, construct construct the powertrain for petroleum battery-electric car in a partnership by means of Toyota, is hoping to study concerning manufacturing. Toyota, for its part, is hoping to study concerning electric cars and too concerning how to create a business choice in fewer supposed two existence and by means of fewer supposed 16 layers of management, every layer of construct is desperately annoying to preserve its job and not rock the boat.

It might be a marriage complete in heaven, or at smallest amount in Fremont, the extremely old California town anywhere as,at the same occasion as belongings determination be made.

The drivetrain shares a lot of componentry by means of the Tesla Roadster, counting the authority manage unit so as to sits topmost in the "engine" bay and the lithium-ion battery packs so as to ride slung beneath the front and back seats. Specific lesser of the powertrain determination be dissimilar as of persons in the Tesla Roadster, but we determination get particulars on persons closer to production.

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The prototype RAV4 EV efficiently concerning 3,860 pounds, construct is 220 pounds additional supposed the gasoline-powered RAV4. The additional heaviness moderator as of the lithium-ion batteries approved in two modules beneath the front and back seats. Toyota inappropriately present are 37 kilowatt-hours of "useable" authority in persons batteries, no hesitation referring to the top 80 proportion of capacity, underneath construct engineers favor not dipping in arrange to preserve battery life. So we might probably round up battery ability in petroleum rig to 40 kilowatt-hours, construct is substantial.

That battery is concerning 50 proportion better supposed the one in the Leaf, and Toyota inappropriately to stay for 100 miles-plus of "real-world range" despite the RAV4's heavier restrain weight.

There was a quite far above the ground quantity of regenerative braking dialed eager on the RAV, construct actually slowed the car as almost immediately as we display off the accelerator. But the manufacture account determination probable contain far fewer regen. When we suggested a thumb wheel to regulate regen on the fly, so so as to you might coast or decel transfer on come again? was the majority efficient, we didn't get any takers in the center of the Toyota techs present. So don't seem for so as to characteristic approach 2012.

There was no output scheduled for the motor on the prototype. The Tesla Roadster's motor is 185 kilowatts, but a manufacture SUV counting approximately surely contain a inferior peak output supposed that. We'll discover out almost immediately enough.

Despite the additional heaviness of the electric version, Toyota list a 0-to-60-mph occasion of 9.3 place for the RAV4 EV, construct is merely a tenth grainy supposed the smaller, lighter Nissan Leaf we now tested. Though we corporation our examination cog to the drive, present was uninteresting on the way flat sufficient and straight sufficient to try a 0-to-60 run of our own. But it become paler concerning so as to quick, perhaps quicker.

The RAV4 EV become paler perfectly fine accelerating absent as of stoplights and in pseudo-passing maneuvers. Toyota underneath top pace at a more-than-adequate 100 mph.

Packaging the batteries beneath the ground absent the baggage room unencumbered in back, one of the advantages to petroleum comparatively big vehicle. And seating for five was perfectly up to the principles of the class.

So at petroleum time we sit, at smallest amount a day in front of the pending gesticulate of electric cars and plug-in hybrids as of procedure all crossways the board. For persons car management keen to recharge in its place of refuel, that's a extended way off. But the close to the beginning indicators are all pointing to nicely finished, completely useable, real-world "cars."

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