Nissan goes commercial with NV full-size vans

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The Nissan NV cargo van moderator  in normal  and high-roof models.
The Nissan NV cargo van moderator in normal and high-roof models.

By: Patrick C. Paternie on 3/17/2011 On the vehicular evolutionary chart, full-size cargo vans haven't progressed a great deal additional than the shag-carpeted, porthole-windowed, rolling disco lounges of the 1970s.

That's not a bad thing, for clear reasons, if not you're a tradesman or anybody else whose commerce characteristic a heavy-duty box on wheels to haul tools, gear or goods.

Enter the 2012 Nissan NV (Nissan Van), directed at come again? Nissan establish was the smallest amount content segment of automotive customers.

"It's person's name too a lot of existence as,because any manufacturer in petroleum segment has in use a 'clean sheet' seem at the wants of owners and operators," supposed Joe Castelli, Nissan North America's vice president, commercial vehicles and fleet. "The NV is one of the the majority researched projects still in Nissan's history. We've invested additional supposed five existence researching the comfort, method and elegant functionality demands [of] commerce owners."

For openers, the NV has rugged body-on-frame building and is liberally in the United States at the renovated Canton, Miss., plant. The all-new 146.1-inch wheelbase chassis rides on 17-inch wheels. A pickup-style front end featuring broad doors satisfies client demands for additional room, improved visibility and a fewer intrusive engine location.

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the back  of the Nissan NV van.
The back doors of the Nissan NV van pivot approximately the pillars for a big cargo opening.

Practical touches comprise thicker surface bolsters to brawl entry/exit be dressed in on seats, predrilled reinforced rising holes for top racks or center shelving, ground anxiety D-rings, and 243-degree swing-away back doors. An obtainable middle console doubles as earlier cabinet and laptop compartment.

Nissan has partnered by means of decide to present no-charge upfit shelving and gratis exterior graphics.

High Roof heavy contain six feet, inquisitiveness decrease of standing room. Engine choices are a 4.0-liter, 261-hp, 281 lb-ft V6 and 5.6-liter, 317-hp, 381 lb-ft V8, together by means of five-speed routine transmissions. Unfortunately, no diesel is planned.

The speed-sensitive steering, four-wheel, 14-inch discs and tight turning radius enabled us to go,shift confidently from side to side filled of activity Miami transfer to choose up and bring resources (donated by Nissan) to Habit for Humanity.

Base pricing undercuts so as to of Ford and General Motors cargo vans, preliminary at $24,590. The top-of-the-line (no pun intended) 3500 High Roof is $30,590--$9,325 fewer supposed a similar Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

RV and ambulance decide are by now expressing attention and, by means of a 9,500-pound towing capacity, amateur racers will, too.

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