Lexus LS 600h L

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The Lexus LS hybrid is green--as in all the greenbacks you require  to pace  up as of  the non-hybrid LS.
The Lexus LS hybrid is green--as in all the greenbacks you require to pace up as of the non-hybrid LS.

Published on 1/25/2008 OUR TAKE: Here we contain the the majority luxurious hybrid obtainable to U.S. consumers, one so as to is rated at now 2 mpg improved supposed the $33,000 less-expensive, non-hybrid LS 460 L. A cost-benefit analysis surely isn't come again? petroleum car is about; following all, at what time the Wall Street Journal crunched the numbers, it figured so as to the hybrid account determination save its proprietor sufficient on gas to smash still following 2.1 compensation miles.

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But how fake it drive? Seamlessly, we have to say, despite weighing 805 pounds additional supposed our long-term LS 460 L. For as complicated as it is (a V8 supplemented by an electric drive motor, generator, a nickel-metal-hydride battery pack, all-wheel drive, etc.), it's by far the smoothest hybrid we can recall driving, although it's firm to say how a great deal of so as to can be chalked straight up to the eight-speed transmission.

It is too impeccably liberally and extraordinarily quiet, still at what time approaching go-straight-to-jail speeds.

Still, it's firm to give good cause for so as to huge premium, still if Lexus deserves credit for pushing the hybrid envelope.

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