The first drive of the AW long-term Nissan Leaf

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Nissan Leaf Mark Vaughn
West Coast Editor Mark Vaughn is livelihood by means of a Nissan Leaf.

By: Mark Vaughn on 3/11/2011

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  • Long-term Leaf lands in L.A.
Minutes following contain terrified off the Nissan Leaf for its three-month loan, I had to drive it 26 on foot to Santa Monica, Calif. Baptism by fire. Or by electricity. I had movements a pal I’d be on his Web TV show, so I had to go. Why he required me on, I can’t imagine. The genuine aptitude have to contain cancelled.

Now, 26 on foot is healthy inside the variety of the Leaf. Nissan advertises variety at 100 miles, remember. However, as,because the Nissan guys drove the car to fall it off to me, the drive had starving up a number of battery charge. The remaining variety scheduled on the dash was 61 miles. Theoretically, so as to shouldn’t contain person's name a problem. Even I might shape out so as to 26 advantage 26 was fewer supposed 61. So you’d believe I might get to Santa Monica and rear with no incident, right?

Well, the primary obsession I realized on my primary drive by means of the Leaf, as I hysterics as of heavy additional electric cars, is so as to variety varies. It from occasion to time varies a lot. When I got to Santa Monica, my remaining variety was 31 miles. Granted, I lead-footed it for a pair spurts as,at the same time as maneuvering on the freeway, but for the the majority part, I cruised in the slow lane recognized by 55 mph and 65 mph. I had complete the similar obsession in the Mitsubishi i-MiEV at what time I wanted to conserve battery charge.

Then, to add to my concern, present are posts on Leaf blogs concerning the variety readout on the dash varying a lot as the variety reach zero.

(This is at what time critics determination pounce and say, “See? These things’ll by no means work, ya’ tree-huggin’ communist!”)

Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there's more to BMW than you may have first thought.

However, Santa Monica is probably one of the the majority progressive cities in the earth for option energy. I figured present had to be a J1772 plug somewhere. I recalled so as to an EV enthusiast I had run eager on in excess of the years, Paul Scott, had appreciated electric cars so a great deal so as to he finally got as job advertising not any at Nissan Santa Monica. I Googled the talk to on my AutoWeek BlackBerry--1599 Santa Monica Blvd., not far as of anywhere I was headed.

Scott was, indeed, in the put of work and was content to see me. He had a Leaf of his own, construct was charging in front of the dealership via the similar Aerovironment SAE J1772 240-volt connector I contain at my house.

He was impressed so as to my Leaf was an upscale SL model, by means of a photovoltaic charger in the back wing, and so as to it had the not obligatory Level III port up front, in container I still encountered one of persons actually rapid chargers. He divide me a few additional features. Then I assembly him if he hysterics of a 240-volt charger close to anywhere I was headed, concerning a semi supplies away.

“Why don’t you now plug in at petroleum time and I’ll drive you in excess of to by means of appointment,” he asked.

What a nice guy. I hereby recommend Paul Scott for all by means of Leaf-buying needs, conveniently situated in the metropolis of Santa Monica!

When I came back, two frequently later, the variety was rear up to 61 on foot and all was healthy by means of the world. I drove house with no incident.

This proves one more obsession I contain learned heavy EVs--you have to diagram ahead. If by means of EV can go 100 on foot on a charge, don’t try to drive 120 miles, if not you diagram in front for a recharge. It’s ridiculously simple. But if by means of drive or by means of each day commute is inside the variety of by means of car, after that you contain no problems.

I believe so as to the huge bulk of commuters on the freeway in the huge bulk of cities might by means of no trouble do completely drives in electric cars. An standard family of four might contain an EV for commuting and a Mazda 5 for all else and be now fine. I’m not saying you contain to contain an EV, I’m saying you could, and so as to one counting probable labor for you. Yes, not everybody can use an EV all the occasion for everything, but, as the old adage goes, 90 proportion of the populace might use one for 90 proportion of completely driving.

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