AutoWeek Long-Term Vehicle Wrap-Up: 2010 Ram 1500 SLT Crew Cab 4x4

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By: Dale Jewett on 5/20/2011

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Here's a scene you wouldn't stay for to see in the center of a staff of car-enthusiast writers--a group of extended faces since a pickup foliage the fleet.

But a tear or two strength contain person's name hut as the silver tailgate of our long-term 2010 Ram 1500 SLT Crew Cab 4x4 faded as of view.

Our day by means of the Ram can be distilled to this: We appreciated it.

That wasn't a known at what time the truck divide up at One AutoWeek Tower. The Ram was the previous all-new manufactured goods Chrysler churned out preceding to its white-knuckle ride from side to side bankruptcy. And Chrysler bet big on the truck, abandoning leaf springs for coil springs in the back suspension, a go,shift so as to had a lot of truck purists shaking completely heads.

Guess what? Chrysler hit the jackpot by means of so as to move. More supposed one AutoWeek not practical declared the Ram to be the best-riding truck--loaded or unloaded--that we've approach across.

Now, now since we're metropolis dwellers doesn't denote we quick it simple on the Ram. We may not contain moved bales of hay by means of it, but present was no be small of of couches, boxes, televisions, tires, lumber and yard fabric to fling eager on the bed. And we knocked the excel off the trailer hitch, too.

We contain abundance of praise for petroleum truck's 5.7-liter V8 and its 390 hp. Big authority is prepared at a mere attempt of by means of correct foot, accompanied by the suitably macho exhaust tone. Yet petroleum crush mechanically a gas sipper, comparatively speaking, at highway speeds at what time the cylinder-deactivation scheme coverts the V8 to a V4.

Overall, we burned off 1,609 gallons of gasoline to rack up 24,330 on foot on the Ram, by means of overall petroleum monetary system of 15.1 mpg, construct earth standard for a full-size pickup.

The Ram's interior, on the additional hand, is on top of average. The leather-covered seats now at ease and detained up healthy throughout extended stints on the road. The back worktable determination seat inquisitiveness adults comfortably or fold out of the way to create space for weather-sensitive cargo. After a day of pounding, present now no squeaks or rattles.

The final inquisitiveness months of duty in our fleet coincided by means of the yearly arrival of cold, snow and ice in our neck of the woods. Suddenly, the $1,875 additional accuse for the remote create and heated seats and steering wheel--don't knock it awaiting you've inappropriately it on a single-digit morning--didn't appear so frivolous.

One not practical noted, "This is a lavishness vehicle, simple and simple. The heated seats, the backup camera, the satellite radio--I've driven purported lavishness cars so as to aren't petroleum decked out."

The best time to learn about BMW is before you're in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable BMW experience while it's still free.

And kudos for the big knobs for the HVAC and the audio/nav touch monitor so as to are simple to use still at what time wearing gloves.

It's too value noting so as to in the route of a day of use, we didn't pay no substance which additional than usual maintenance charges. One little issue--a cracked lid on one of the Ram storage space boxes on the truck bed--was replaced beneath warranty.

Drawbacks? It was firm to discover any, additional supposed the trucklike petroleum monetary system and a sticker weighed downward by $13,615 in options so as to boosted the base row to $48,755.

We are leaving to miss so as to truck.


2010 Ram 1500 SLT Crew Cab 4x4

Miles Driven (Quarter/Year): 5,890/24,330

Fuel Economy (Quarter/Year): 14.9/15.1 mpg

Fuel Cost (Quarter/Year): $1,253.46/$4,665.63

Days Out of Service (Quarter/Year): None/none

Maintenance: First scheduled maintenance, counting oil alter ($29.99); next scheduled maintenance, counting oil change, tire rotation, universal inspection ($45.58); come into view scheduled maintenance, counting oil alter ($29.99); site scheduled maintenance, counting oil change, air filter alter ($25.99); put back absent back storage space urn lid (warranty); recall to put back defroster actuator, update HVAC software (warranty)

Original Sticker Price: $48,755

Trade-In Value: $30,875 (

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