2012 Mazda 5: What I drove last night

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By: Natalie Neff on 1/18/2011 The still-a-year-away Ford C-Max has gotten a lot of reporting lately, and by means of its distinctly European MPV-approach to motoring, the attractive mini-minivan has piqued abundance of attention as of folks charitable for an option to completely customary minivans and still SUVs.

But for the history five years, Mazda has obtainable its own spin on the C-Max at petroleum time in the United States, a vehicle supported by means of scant ,advertising and broken reporting genuine so as to hardly ever contain additional supposed 20,000 Mazda 5s complete completely way eager on American garages in any year.

Most of this information comes straight from the BMW pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you'll know what they know.

That's a shame, since the Mazda 5 is a attractive nifty small ride. I've had countless conversations by means of populace shopping for family-friendly vehicles wherein I've recognized how a great deal I love its packaging, its deft mixture of minute footprint and spacious interior.

Of course--and petroleum may be a decidedly nonenthusiast obsession to admit--I usually enjoy minivans of any ilk, big or small, by any manufacturer. The suppleness contain present theater to my steady wish for utility--I similar to to be clever to create a big-box amass run whenever the itch hits--but I don't enjoy heavy a truck all the time. And I ascribe no stigma to the class. Their giveaway sliding back doors don't offend me; I just don't sense embarrassed to be seen in one. (Perhaps I'd sense differently if I had a passel of brood to tote everywhere.)

And for the 2012 replica year, Mazda has rolled out a redesigned account so as to rapidly a bit additional authority and a lot additional sheetmetal interest.

A 2.5-liter inline-four replaces the 2.3-liter engine and turns out 157 hp shuttled from side to side also a five-speed physical or routine transmission. While we wouldn't brain a few additional horses, present was authority aplenty to get the Mazda up and moving in small order. Merging onto freeways and transitory by no means quick additional supposed a steady and serious correct foot, but I by no means warmed up to the Mazda's steering, construct trial adequately but I consideration become paler too light.

Mazda did refresh the center a bit, but the cabin motionless large simple and fairly basic. The playfulness of the exterior isn't replicated at all inside, which, transfer on how you react to the wavy "nagare" plan language (it drives me nuts!), is also high-quality or bad. Still, it counting be nice to see a small additional styling splashed in excess of a number of of the artificial surfaces.

I did enjoy the wide-opening back sliding doors, construct complete for simple gap and depositing of luggage and stuff, but I don't be acquainted with how a lot of era I walked to the back of the rear door, grabbed for the handle, merely to blurt, "D'oh!" Every occasion I got out of the car, I just forgot the back doors now sliders.

Perhaps that's not a bad thing. Considering how a lot of populace think the daily minivan to be the definition of uncool, I was astonished at how I unconsciously plump the Mazda 5 similar to any additional little car.

2012 Mazda 5

Base Price: $20,000 (est)

Drivetrain: 2.5-liter I4; FWD, five-speed automatic

Output: 157 hp @ 6,000 rpm, 163 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,457 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA): 24 mpg

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