2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited

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Published on 1/12/2011 NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: This Legacy is a solid part of labor by Subaru and appraisal healthy in appearance and drivability. There is nothing irresistible here, now easy yet sharp attention in,within and out and abundance of all-wheel function. The car handled a number of flurries by means of ease on my drive to a remote village to create sure out festival lights, and it warms up rapidly and proficiently.

Inside are pleasing leather and soft materials, by means of a contravention dash session rear in contrast. It attention and large nice. Steering has a pleasing heaviness and reply to it and is a small improved supposed what's establish in competitors in petroleum segment. The 170-hp output is a bit weak, but petroleum monetary system is polite considering the all-wheel capability. The chassis and corpse contain a lightweight feel, by means of the 3,379-pound restrain heaviness healthy distributed for an still drive experience. The suspension is taut yet motionless comfortable. All of petroleum construct for sensible transitory and revs so as to are smoothly channeled via petroleum respectable CVT.

This is a nice car for all seasons. But enthusiasts just have to sample the turbo and the six-speed.

EDITOR WES RAYNAL: A pair of things: This cost is a small steep for a four-cylinder-powered car, and the mpg isn't fairly up to come again? I'd stay for as of a four-cylinder--even a Subaru boxer four. The car might use additional guts--the CVT doesn't assist in the least--so I'd at smallest amount similar to to see improved mpg.

That said, the Legacy is a solid part of midsize-sedan work. The ride is smooth (lots of revolve in corners though), the car soaks up potholes nicely, the normal all-wheel drive is handy and the center is a pleasant put to use occasion by means of decent-quality resources and at ease seats.

EXECUTIVE EDITOR--AUTOWEEK.COM BOB GRITZINGER: If you similar to the present midsize-market darling Hyundai Sonata, you'd be responsibility physically a disservice if you don't cross-shop the Legacy 2.5i. The cars, at smallest amount to my eye, split a lot of styling attributes, by means of the Hyundai attention the overall edge in appearance, as,at the same time as the Subaru has the all-wheel-drive advantage. Both cars' interiors are excellent, by means of the Legacy offering abundance of small cubbies for stuffing by means of stuff.

I consideration the car drove well, and although I'd favor a physical tranny, at what time you desire to get up to pace in a hurry, petroleum CVT is a high-quality box. This one mechanism well, by means of obviously delineated ladder at what time you second-hand the paddle shifters, so it is likely to get the the majority out of the tranny at what time you desire to and to not still become aware of it at what time you're now flogging by means of way from side to side the each day commute. There's abundance of fun in the powertrain, really.

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My grievance more frequently supposed not centers on the odd steering feel, construct seemed to be relevant turning in “steps” or control as you twist as of on-center, rather supposed in a smooth, linear fashion.

Based on my research, petroleum Legacy as ready and organization the four-cylinder by means of CVT powertrain is quite similar on the sticker by means of a lot of the front-drive, four-cylinder automatic-transmission competition, counting the Sonata, the Ford Fusion, the Chevrolet Malibu, the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord (you can get AWD in a Fusion, but you contain to upgrade to a V6 and use a few thousand more). So come again? you get is a solid, handsome wrap up by means of spirited pricing and all-wheel drive. No downside there.

MOTORSPORTS EDITOR MAC MORRISON: This car is absolutely not imposing as of a fuel-economy standpoint, particularly considering so as to I did not flog the stuffing out of the Legacy.

But I similar to petroleum car. As Bob noted, it is spirited by means of route in the segment, and as,at the same time as Wes is right so as to the suspension setup is soft, the AWD was a very, extremely welcome characteristic following six decrease of snow fell overnight and absolutely wreaked havoc by means of the close to the beginning Monday-morning commute.

Like all Subarus, the Legacy just powered its way from side to side it all by means of small drama, as I witnessed countless SUVs and cars spinning off eager on roadside ditches. Mostly that's intended error and not the fault of the car, but come again? I'm certain was a white-knuckle matter for a lot of wasn't remotely demanding for me.

In usual conditions, though, I be acquainted with I counting discover faults at petroleum time so as to the snow and corresponding low-speed heavy masked, genuine as the aforementioned suspension, the CVT broadcast and the standard engine. Still, I similar to the Legacy's plan extremely much, and the center attention sharp and clean, by means of each manage a cinch to use and a extremely high-quality heavy place at the back the wheel. I did not contain any construct by means of the steering as Bob did, and present is abundance of center space front and rear to create for a nice heavy and on foot experience.

Enthusiasts determination absolutely require to create sure out the turbo or H6-powered heavy so as to Subaru offers, but if you're charitable for a solid, practical player in petroleum segment, the Legacy 2.5 be hypothetical to absolutely be on by means of catalog and a lot closer to the top supposed the bottom.

ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR CHERYL L. BLAHNIK: I had petroleum car for four days, and I might absolutely live by means of petroleum car. I similar to the exterior of the car by means of its easy appearance so as to doesn't shout “look at me.” It's easy but motionless pulls off a nice, slick seem that's simple on the eyes.

On the inside, Subaru too reserved it nice and simple. The leather seats become paler huge and the middle stack looked high-quality by means of now the correct quantity of accents. There's abundance of space on the in,within as well. I had a tall being in the front passenger seat and one more adult at the back him, and contain had abundance of room. The car was a great deal roomier supposed I expected. Another big advantage was the dimension of the trunk, construct was spacious for shopping expeditions.

I see generation on top of appear to be disappointed in the authority of petroleum car. I contain the similar opinion so as to it might use additional oomph or perhaps a physical to assist create extracting all of petroleum H4's authority easier. The ride is smooth and fun in the snow by means of AWD. The car large high-quality and grounded and had no difficulty by means of the slick street circumstances I encountered. I optional petroleum vehicle to my parents a day ago at what time contain now in the market, and if I now to buy a car today, petroleum counting surely be on my shopping list.

2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited

Base Price: $26,320

As-Tested Price: $27,315

Drivetrain: 2.5-liter H4; AWD, continuously changeable transmission

Output: 170 hp @ 5,600 rpm, 170 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,379 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): 26/23.0 mpg

Options: Power moonroof ($995)

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