2011 Honda Accord SE Sedan

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Published on 1/19/2011 EXECUTIVE EDITOR--AUTOWEEK.COM BOB GRITZINGER: What a welcome alter to be in a normal, daily car following two existence of sliding approximately on icy roads in our three-ton behemoth long-term Infiniti QX56. Though petroleum Accord fake nothing spectacular, it too fake all assembly of it with no any problems. It large solid enough, rides quietly and steadily, and has sufficient authority as of the four-cylinder to shove it the distance end to end of with no a great deal drama.

The five-speed is a cog small of the competition, but the powertrain doesn’t whine or suffer since of it (though petroleum monetary system probable does). What I’d similar to is a improved tranny interface--at smallest amount a slapstick--to let base manage in excess of the ratios. That type of obsession is particularly noticeable at what time street circumstances are poor and you desire to select a exact cog for the pace and slickness, but it’s too the type of characteristic so as to construct a mundane car now a tad sportier.

This is a solid, workaday player so as to earth similar to a elegant buy at petroleum price, and existence downward the street at what time it is motionless organization well, it determination appear similar to an still smarter buy.

NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: I similar to the Accord. It’s full-grown on me. The attention in,within and out express a glow lavishness intelligence (though lesser of the center trim motionless approach eager on view rather inexpensive) and it drives by means of a sturdy, daily purpose. Aside as of the grey accents on the dash, the relax of the in,within obtainable healthy clad in black by means of at ease leather seats. The burners now capable on one more chilly morning, and the cabin warmed up respectably.

The steering is glow but mark the car in an simple manner, the authority is sufficient and the suspension is a nice mix together of soothe and well-sprung agility.

Really, petroleum car wants a few ability to stay pace by means of the astonishing Koreans and additional bring in competitors, as healthy as the re-emerging Detroit entries. But it’s motionless shut to top-of-class class, and it’s an simple car to recommend.

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COPY CHIEF WENDY WARREN KEEBLER: This car quick us on a 100-mile round trip in a serious snowfall on a super-cold day. It was steady and reliable--no incidents on the inquisitiveness interstates, anywhere we saw literally dozens of vehicles spun off onto the medians, eager on ditches or to the surface of the street opposite backward. Three of as,at the same occasion as mishaps necessary police/fire/EMS presence.

But we complete it house now fine. There actually isn’t a great deal else to say concerning the Accord on petroleum round--we now too focused on captivating it slowly and by means of no trouble and smoothly.

ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR/DESIGNER TARA KLEIN: I had the Accord for one night, and I was indifferent as I put the keys rear in the bin. Unimpressed? Nah. Impressed? Not really. The Accord was nice, but all in all it become paler similar to a general car so as to got me house and rear to labor in the morning with no any “wows” existence form muttered beneath my breath.

I desire petroleum car had additional character, and additional at ease seats. While it fake do,carry out healthy for the the majority fraction and has a positive history, the street noise is not as good as supposed the majority and overall carries a blah feeling. I see petroleum car isn’t slated for a filled redesign awaiting 2013, but the minor replica profits didn’t fairly get the Accord up to speed, particularly considering distinguished competitors genuine as the Hyundai Sonata.

2011 Honda Accord SE Sedan

Base Price: $24,480

As-Tested Price: $24,480

Drivetrain: 2.4-liter I4; FWD, five-speed automatic

Output: 190 hp @ 7,000 rpm, 162 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,312 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): 27/24.5 mpg

Options: None

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