2011 Dodge Charger Rallye Plus Car Review

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a Dodge Charger.
The V6 in the Dodge Charger is rated at 292 hp. A Charger R/T is shown.

Published on 4/22/2011

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EXECUTIVE EDITOR--AUTOWEEK.COM BOB GRITZINGER: If $4 per gallon gasoline mechanically the norm, I might see cars similar to petroleum (and V6 Camaros and Mustangs, etc.) flattering the top choices for enthusiasts. Will the V6-powered Rallye slap you rear in the seat similar to an SRT8 Hemi? Heck no, but its petroleum use too won't drain by means of wallet at the similar speed either.

It second-hand to be so as to as,at the same occasion as lesser-powered heavy now now that, lesser-powered, meek, mass-market heavy for the wannabe set. But today, by means of V6 outputs pushing at or close to 300 hp, there's sufficient authority present to get still a 3,900-pounder similar to petroleum Charger up to pace in a sensible hurry. The car motionless handles and corners a great deal similar to its higher-output sibling--it's not great, but the steering is rapid and precise, and the car sticks to the street quite well. I frequently discover the heaviness equilibrium and lesser authority delivery of V6 heavy similar to petroleum create not any a great deal additional driveable vs. monster motor V8s so as to continually put you at danger of contravention loose and spinning eager on the nearest ditch.

Top it all off by means of an exterior styling and paint job so as to is eye-catching and sporty, and a completely optioned, well-made and high-styled center so as to skin lots of excellence materials, and it's firm to discover amazing that's not to like.

I believe the majority owners counting love to go out and flames up petroleum “lesser” Charger daily and enjoy completely drive, meaningful so as to contain contain all the bells and whistles, a sharp package, and a additional fuel-efficient engine beneath the hood. The cost of entry is steep, but how a great deal is an SRT8 as,at the same occasion as days?

AUTOWEEK.COM EDITOR DALE JEWETT: Take a seem at Bob's comments: This Charger won't “slap you rear in the seat,” the handling is “not great,” and the “price of entry is steep.”

I can't get history all inquisitiveness of as,at the same occasion as factors.

Sure, the 3.6-liter V6 is cranking out now a smidgen fewer supposed 300 hp--but it by no means large physically powerful as of the driver's seat, still at what time operational the broadcast in manu-matic mode. And it surely doesn't sound beefy, either.

To petroleum powertrain's credit, the authority moderator on fairly smooth, and the five-speed transmissions slides from side to side the gears in fast fashion. But it's not too exciting. (By the way, it certain attention similar to there's merely one exhaust pipe, still although present are two chrome-trimmed openings in the back bumper fascia.)

The cove intended eager on the dispersal of the Charger adds a heritage feel, but I'm not a fan of the poisonous orange paint, construct I believe overwhelms the styling changes.

I next Bob's comments on the interior--the restyling and adding of soft-touch resources on the dash and door trim add a luxurious feel.

The eight-inch show monitor is massive. It's high-quality for considering all the channel and song information as of the Sirius satellite radio stations, as healthy as a high-quality part of map for the navigation. It's too the merely put you can twist heating for the seats and steering wheel on and off--functions so as to strength be improved served by means of devoted buttons. In addition, the knob to manage the authority tilt-and-telescope steering wheel a bit of hunting the primary time.

For as big as the Charger is, it motionless attention as although back-seat passengers can be crimped for legroom if the front seats are moved rear to the boundary of travel. And the dive of the roofline at the C-pillar can crimp the headroom for tall passengers in back.

This Charger is loaded by means of abundance of gizmos, counting heated seats in the back and heating and cooling for the front cupholders.

However, if I now laying out $35,000 for petroleum car, I'd sacrifice a number of of the gizmos for additional horsepower, a grasp and a better-sounding exhaust system.

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EDITOR WES RAYNAL: Even following two nights I contain to say I'm in the “no thanks” group on petroleum one. I counting desire my Charger to sound similar to a Charger and go similar to a Charger. This Charger doesn't do also of persons things. The V6 isn't smooth, might absolutely use still additional power, and dammit, I desire my Charger to contain a V8 growl, not a V6 wet fart. Would I pay additional for so as to pleasure? No doubt. Not so as to at approximately $36K petroleum obsession is any type of bargain. By the way, a account of petroleum engine by means of slightly fewer horsepower is too obtainable in the Chrysler Town & Country minivan. So my “Charger” has a minivan engine. Really?

I consideration the suspension was nicely tuned for Detroit's potholes and such. All the profits Chrysler complete (new cradles, monotube shocks, stiffer springs, etc.) labor well. NVH earth abridged as well--it's a quieter and smoother overall drive.

The center is OK, if you similar to huge expanses of black juxtaposed by means of orange leather seats. At smallest amount the resources are decent.

But no, I'd contain to contain a V8.

NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: The Charger strikes the correct chords in the attention section for enthusiasts. If you've still lusted following a Charger--as I admittedly have--this car is on the money. From the scalloped doors to the protruding grille to the taillights so as to are approximately surreal, it's a smoking, muscular update. Looking at visions of late '90s Charger concept, petroleum 2011 account is probably closer to come again? hardcore Mopar fans had in brain at what time the car was reborn in 2005. The angles on the dispersal actually say power car, and the present present the similar type of attitude so as to rides of petroleum ilk possessed 40 existence ago.

Inside is a dramatic upgrade. The primary account of the Charger six-years ago had extremely simple center resources (aside as of the gauges), and subtle upgrades did small to stay pace by means of cars similar to the Ford Taurus. This trim package, dressed in caramel and black, is luxurious to the eye and hand. Plus, the gauges are smartly redone by means of an athletic black-and-red look.

So yeah, I similar to the looks. The drive? Not as much. I believe petroleum car carries a bit of a burden by means of the Charger moniker, and we grasp it to a senior normal supposed we counting a similarly powered car of a dissimilar badge. The 3.6-liter V6 is smooth and quick--but not overwhelming. And somehow, I couldn't spin the tires in the rear-wheel hulk, amazing accomplished with no thinking on the previous model. Passing is rapid together on surface streets and the expressway, and the steering has person's name tightened up nicely as of the old car. The suspension too large a bit firmer, but not overly so.

This new Charger is a fun each day intended and attention huge to my eye--but the authority won't overwhelm enthusiasts.

2011 Dodge Charger Rallye Plus

Base Price: $25,995

As-Tested Price: $35,880

Drivetrain: 3.6-liter V6; RWD, five-speed automatic

Output: 292 hp @ 6,350 rpm, 260 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,961 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): 21/19 mpg

Options: 27J Charger Rallye Plus wrap up counting 8.4-inch touch monitor by means of voice command and Bluetooth, satellite radio, auto-dimming back sight mirror by means of microphone, remote USB port, auxiliary audio input, 6-speaker sound system, remote car start, security alarm, dual zone climate control, humidity sensor, worldwide garage door opener, heated front and back leather seats, 8-way authority intended and passenger seats by means of lumbar adjustment, leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, heated and cooled front console cup-holder, compass, in the clouds LED lighting, front and back LED map pockets, intended and passenger inferior LED lamps and 18-inch chrome clad aluminum wheels ($4,000); intended self-assurance collection counting blind spot and cross trail detection, parksense back park help system, parkview back rear up camera, low-beam HID headlamps, rain sensitive windshield wipers, smartbeam headlights, auto regulate in overturn mirrors, go,shift toward lamps, driver' automatically-dimming exterior mirror ($1,495); rallye appearance collection counting 506-watt amplifier, demonstrate amplified speakers by means of subwoofer, 20-inch x 8-inch chrome clad aluminum wheels, 245/45R20 all-season presentation tires, back body-color spoiler, presentation suspension ($1,195); authority sunroof ($950); adaptive cruise manage collection counting adaptive pace control, forward crash warning, heated steering wheel ($925); intended convenience collection counting authority adjustable pedals by means of memory, reminiscence for radio, intended seat and mirrors, authority tilt/telescoping steering column ($575); navigation/rear rear up camera collection counting Uconnect touch 8.4N, Garmin navigation scheme ($450); poisonous orange pearl coat exterior paint ($295)

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