2011 Aston Martin V8 Vantage S

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2011 Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Aston Martin
The V8 S is the lightest Vantage by means of the firmest normal suspension.

By: J. P. Vettraino on 3/11/2011

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What is it?

It's the path star in Aston Martin's expanding row of road-ready Vantage sports education cars. The new V8 Vantage S is a bit additional influential supposed the normal Vantage, and it's fairly a bit fewer luxurious supposed the recently customer V12 Vantage. The V8 S is the lightest Vantage by means of the firmest normal suspension.

For the S, Aston Martin bumps output as of its dry-sump 4.7-liter V8 by 10 hp and 15 lb-ft of torque (to 430 hp at 7,300 rpm, and 361 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm). The add to flows primarily as of a revised eating system, construct adds a valve so as to opens and increases airflow at 3,500 rpm.

The merely broadcast obtainable in the S is an evolution of Aston's Graziano-built, single-clutch automanual. Called Sportshift II, the new box has seven forward gears in its place of six. It's too lighter, thanks to the removal of its oil-cooling system, and it's the solitary main contributor to the S model's inferior restrain heaviness (3,549 pounds for the coupe, better by means of 3,595 pounds for the V8 Vantage). The V8 S too has a on fire final drive ratio supposed additional Vantages (4.182:1).

Its chassis is tailored, too. The steering ratio drops as of 17:1 to 15:1 for additional instant reply to inputs on the wheel. Its front brake rotors are larger, by means of six-piston floating calipers. Springs are on fire and the shocks are firmer, and the constancy electronics are tuned accordingly, allowing a bit additional slip in together normal and path settings. Its tires are vehicle-tuned Bridgestone Potenzas, as opposite to Pirelli P-Zeros, and they're 10 millimeters similar to front and back (245/40ZR-19 front, 285/35ZR-19 rear).

Styling tweaks are subtle but noticeable. The V8 Vantage S has a carbon-fiber splitter at the base edge of its front bumper and a additional pronounced spoiler lip on its back deck. Its surface sills are additional heavily contoured.

The S hasn't person's name stripped of skin or wealthy resources in the style of a contest car. Inside and out, it has a additional clear handcrafted excellence than, say, a Porsche 911, or still a Ferrari 458 Italia. That's obvious in the complexity of wonderful in the Vantage's front fenders, or in the way its hood stretches all the way to the top of the grille, by means of no filler in between. Its hide-laden cockpit impresses--not for ergonomic perfection (it's not bad), but for the emotion it inspires. It smells similar to achievement.

What is it similar to to drive?

No surprise here: It drives similar to a additional pointedly track-tuned Vantage, and in general, it's fantabulous.

The V8 Vantage S impressed methodically on the 26-turn, 3.4-mile Ascari circuit in Ronda, Spain. We'd name it supremely fair in heaviness distribution, or hold front to rear, but too in the matched competency of its engine, chassis and brakes. Its steering is exceptionally communicative and linear. Tire angle leftovers remarkably reliable to the quantity of steering-wheel input lock-to-lock. It construct between the entry-apex-exit dots a consistently smooth procedure in the Vantage S. In short, its steering is improved supposed a number of cars as of Maranello, or Stuttgart, and that's saying something.

The Vantage is inherently neutral, too. We'd name it flattering. It determination shove if you follow brake too hot eager on a corner, and loosen up in rear if you go way, way overboard on the gas. Yet the constancy electronics are approximately perfectly tuned. In normal mode, it's really, actually hard to get the V8 Vantage S to do no substance which scarier supposed shove in the direction of the edge of the pavement. In path mode, there's additional latitude for intended error, but generally, the Vantage S construct feeble drivers sense high-quality and high-quality drivers sense similar to Fangio.

Torque spurts liberally as of the V8, as of concerning 2,000 rpm, yet it spins happily to almost 8,000. Aston's 4.7 type it the majority excellent at the far above the ground end. It loses not any of its urgency in the previous 1,000 rpm, and it stays smooth, bouncing approximately close to the rev limiter. The broadcast is fine on a racetrack. Its paddle-shifts aren't the quickest, but they're quicker supposed the majority of us might run by means of a grasp pedal.

There's reimbursement on the road, to be sure. The aggressively tuned exhaust is loud, still if it tableware great, and the ride is absolutely firm. Exactly how firm, it's firm to say, known the slate-smooth roads approximately Ascari. We'd deduction the V8 Vantage S is not a high-quality commuter for the higher Midwest. On the additional hand, the fury of exhaust and rigid springs isn't probable to dissuade any well-heeled enthusiast who orator come again? he or she is buying.

You can see that there's practical value in learning more about BMW. Can you think of ways to apply what's been covered so far?

The transmission? That's one more story. The Sportshift II is high-quality sufficient at what time it's second-hand aggressively as a game transmission, but it's not a great deal small of horrible as a filled routine on the road. Revs fall substantially preceding to each fraction throttle shift--so a great deal so so as to it large similar to the Vantage S is bogging. Gear profits slow armed up as,at the same time as the car coasts and the broadcast engages the after that gear, and not any of it is chiefly smooth. It's approximately similar to physical shifting in a tractor-trailer rig. Better to physically choose a gear, shift as seldom as possible, and let the engine torque do the work.

Do I desire it?

The Vantage strength be the world's the majority underrated--or better, underprofiled--sports car. We love it for its beauty, subtlety and sweet equilibrium in the broadest sense. It's not probable to gust anyone's knickers off in any exacting way (except, perhaps, by means of its looks). Nor determination it disappoint in any fashion, and a driver's appreciation for its symmetry determination produce as on foot accumulate.

This S is a bit trickier. Unless you desire a Vantage reserved exclusively for path days, we believe not. It isn't the ride or exhaust noise so as to puts us off, but the transmission. At no substance which fewer supposed filled throttle, all the time, Sportshift II is buzzkill.

Better to decide the limited-edition Vantage N420, as extended as it's motionless available. It moderator normal by means of the Sportpack suspension (essentially the similar tuning), and thanks to additional extensive use of carbon fiber, it's approximately as glow as the V8 Vantage S. It too costs $6,400 less, and the majority importantly, it's obtainable by means of a conservative manual. You'll by no means miss 10 hp and 15 lb-ft less.

2011 Aston Martin V8 Vantage S

Price: $138,000 (coupe); $151,000 (roadster)

Available: April or May

Layout: Two-passenger, front mid-engine, rear-drive coupe or roadster

Drivetrain: 4.7-liter, 430-hp, 361-lb-ft V8; rear-mount seven-speed, single-clutch auto-shift transmission

Curb Weight: 3,549 lb (coupe); 3,726 lb (roadster)

Performance: 0-60 mph, 4.6 sec (est); 189-mph top pace (mfr)

Fuel Economy: 14/21 mpg (mfr)

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