2010 Audi S4 AutoWeek Long-Term Update: Fantastic, mostly

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2010 Audi S4
The 2010 Audi S4

By: Wes Raynal on 6/06/2011

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Where now we? Oh, yes. Just as the next quarter broken and the come into view began, our long-term Audi S4 was spitting steam and coolant all in excess of a gas-station parking lot (“Loving Life,” Feb. 7).

A technological service bulletin had person's name school for heavy fitted by means of artificial water-pump housings, and persons heavy built-in our S4. The trader establish a break in the housing, replaced the pump and refilled the coolant beneath warranty. Three existence later, we now rear on the road. We by no means conventional become aware of previous to the service, and one way or another the break was missed throughout the 15,000-mile service the melody before.

The come into view quarter was more frequently supposed not blissful. The car reeked of coolant at what time we got it back, but it ran fine, and throughout the water-pump repair, technicians exposed a little break in the windshield, so we had it replaced.

Through it all, no one has full-grown weary of heavy the car; its keys stay in demand at the end of each day.

“It's now so high-quality in so a lot of areas,” one not practical said, “being clever to blaze approximately at what time you desire or existence form at ease and subtle at what time you now desire to get it simple motoring house as of work. It fake it all. The gearbox rapidly fluid shifts, and the grasp is motionless a joy to operate. I don't believe present is a improved lavishness midsize sedan on the marketplace that's petroleum high-quality on a each day basis.”

We've full-grown to be grateful for the car the additional we drive it, amazing we can't forever say concerning a number of of our long-termers. Staffers contain attract the S4 one of the “most enjoyable, usable and practical presentation cars on the market.” Its mix together of comfort, speed, cornering, traction, ergonomics and lavishness create it a magnificent drive.

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Third-Quarter Update

2010 Audi S4




FUEL price (QUARTER/TO DATE): $928.65/$3,511.69


MAINTENANCE: Install chill tires ($54); put back windshield (insurance)

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