2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

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Minor profits  create  the Toyota FJ Cruiser base  to live with.
Minor profits create the Toyota FJ Cruiser base to live with.

Published on 1/23/2008 OUR TAKE: Not a great deal profits as of our long-term FJ Cruiser, but come again? fake alter is for the good.

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It's a small catalog though, counting sun visors anxiety to the headliner on top of the doors to assist chunk out rays so as to the front visor merely waved at before; the alloy wheels provide the FJ additional restrain appeal supposed our long-termer's flat-black painted appearance; the brakes appear very responsive. The motor and broadcast stay a slick pairing for high-quality power.

Otherwise, the FJ motionless speciousness on a rear-parking sonar system, construct theater alleviate a number of of the backing-up fears linked by means of the FJ's almost blind back view, but it wants to be replaced by a backup camera to create certain you don't revolve in excess of the neighbor's Camry. And receiving in and out of the rear seat leftovers a rigorous adventure.

But overall, now almost two existence as,because its introduction, the FJ is motionless a looker, drawing a lot of optimistic notice as of train kids to grave engineers. Little belongings can be fixed, but the overall styling is actually the FJ's strength.

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