2008 Toyota 4Runner Sport

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The ride of the Toyota 4Runner Sport is a bit stiff, but it handles snow storms by means of  ease.
The ride of the Toyota 4Runner Sport is a bit stiff, but it handles snow storms by means of ease.

Published on 1/07/2008 Editor's note: Today's Drive has twist out to be Short Stint, but the in order is motionless the same--a short impression of a vehicle that's person's name in our examination fleet.

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OUR TAKE: Our Sport-trim examination vehicle, by means of its upgraded suspension, is fairly the handler. While the ride fake get a bit uneven at what time encountering big bumps, the 4Runner turns nicely by means of the meaty off-road tires. Steering has a nice weight, and reply is good.

The 4.0-liter V6 is abundance potent, by means of rapid pickup and smooth operation mated to the auto gearbox. Unless you tow often, there's small require to upgrade to the V8. The brakes are physically powerful and grabby--almost too grabby, but we'll get so as to in excess of the mushy pedal sense of a lot of similar midsize utes.

The center is nice and simple, by means of abundance of spots to grasp belongings, although we discover the climate controls a bit annoying, by means of divide buttons for every fan setting. Note to Toyota: There's nothing incorrect by means of a knob.

We're too reminded of what's so huge concerning attention an SUV throughout a snowstorm. A rapid clack of the dashboard dial puts the 4Runner eager on 4wd, and petroleum puppy is unstoppable.

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