2008 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SL

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The continuously changeable  broadcast  in the Sentra is not one of Nissan's the majority  excellent  efforts.
The continuously changeable broadcast in the Sentra is not one of Nissan's the majority excellent efforts.

Published on 1/17/2008 OUR TAKE: Nissan orator how to create a polite CVT--take the Murano, for example. But suffer the one in the Sentra, and you'd by no means be acquainted with so as to fact. The not as good as fraction is the CVT is normal issue by means of the SL model; to get the six-speed physical you contain to provide up the leather seats, alloy wheels, keyless ignition, Bluetooth and XM satellite radio education in the SL. Tempting.

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The 2.0-liter engine has sufficient go, by means of 140 hp, to put it inside the collection of students for power, but it's a noisy piece, complete not as good as for its broadcast mating. On the optimistic side, the engine fake contain polite throttle response. The car stay attractive receptive brakes, too.

The suspension is solid for a each day runner, by means of attractive high-quality attach for turning and satisfactory revolve and high-quality soothe for petroleum class. And as,at the same time as we're not the main fans of the exterior styling, it is spotless and inoffensive.

Inside, we establish the leather seats comfortable, by means of enough surface bolsters and a cushy base cushion. We do desire Nissan opted for amazing additional supposed amber illumination of the gauges.

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