2008 Nissan Frontier Nismo King Cab

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The Nissan Frontier NISMO is a solid truck, and not so little  anymore.
The Nissan Frontier NISMO is a solid truck, and not so little anymore.

Published on 1/30/2008 OUR TAKE: What a wicked small pickup--okay, not so small anymore, considering petroleum King Cab account barely squeaked eager on a normal garage space. That said, petroleum is a solid truck, by means of all the gear one strength desire in petroleum type of a vehicle, the distance end to end of by means of physically powerful off-road credentials.

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This Nismo replica packs an off-road-spec Bilstein suspension, additional skid plates, trail-ready BFG rubber, locking back differential and limited-slip differential. And as,at the same time as all so as to stuff is huge on by means of restricted off-road trail, it worked surprisingly healthy on-road, too.

Zipping downward the expressway at 80 is uneventful, the ride steady, by means of a comparatively quiet cabin. It too large attractive high-quality rounding turns. The engine thrashes a bit in the inferior gears, but there's no be small of of motivation. The V6 is strong, and it's hooked up to a slick six-speed physical gearbox. The physical is attractive slick considering it's a truck--you won't mistake it for a sports education car, it large too fat for that--but it's nice to get in a vehicle similar to petroleum so as to motionless has a grasp pedal. However, you'll rapidly discover out so as to the engine is a thirsty beast as the gas needle dips inferior and inferior throughout commutes.

The center is straightforward, by means of a figure of spots to tuck absent items, and it's put jointly well. Its outward appearance is clean, by means of a chiefly tough-looking front end, construct is de rigueur for pickups as,at the same occasion as days, it seems.

This is a nice part to drive, solidly built, abundance of power, high-quality steering sense and handling, known come again? it is, still a actually nice ride for an off-roadable truck. The Nismo folks contain gotten completely sums right.

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