2012 BMW 650i Convertible, Drivers Log Car Review

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car appraisal  BMW 650i convertible.
The twin-turbo V8 in the BMW 650i adaptable is rated at 400 hp.

By: Roger Hart on 8/15/2011

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EXECUTIVE EDITOR ROGER HART: Big disappointment so as to the rain moved in, creation a top-down drive home, or drive rear in to the office, a no-go. I've forever liked the 6-series convertible, as it is one of the additional graceful lavishness drop-tops available. The 2012 BMW 650i adaptable has a physically powerful presence, and the lines of the car as of coupe to adaptable are not offensive, as from occasion to time usual at what time the hardtop weapons away.

The top intended for a lot of street noise to creep eager on the cabin, still although the top is insulated. At freeway speeds, you can surely perceive sound additional cars and trucks extremely healthy in,within the cabin. On the advantage side, the top doesn't go,shift approximately at all--it's a rock-solid as the chassis. Only the harshest of bumps, or ruts, or railroad-track crossings, provide a hint of chassis flex.

I similar to the new touches on the interior, the slightly raised information monitor atop the middle stack, and the efficient switchgear. It is a solid development in excess of the previous car. And the powertrain is just terrific. In the marketplace for a lavishness convertible, the 6-series is a main player.

NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: The 6-series adaptable is a beautiful part of rolling automotive art punctuated by the imposing 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. This is a excellent lavishness car so as to is well-executed in almost each element, and I enjoyed the opulence and athleticism of one of BMW's finest.

So I'm drooling in excess of petroleum car, but at what time you're talking concerning a six-figure 6-series by means of 400 hp, it actually is so as to good. BMW as extended as did a sharp job by means of the styling, as of the pointed bow to the particulars in the flanks to the standout wheels--it's all here. The in,within is similarly well-adorned, featuring good-looking stitching and an enveloping layout. The sense of the steering wheel, the comparatively simple-to-use account of iDrive, the soft leathers and the cabin accoutrements labor in harmony.

With the top downward one night, petroleum 6-series obtainable a truthfully outstanding heavy knowledge as I traveled in collection of students and comfort.

COPY EDITOR CYNTHIA L. OROSCO-WRIGHT: What a good-looking car, by means of a good-looking ride to match. And heavy house downward the expressway by means of the top downward on a starry nighttime following considering a movie was similar to icing on the cake.

It quick a small contorting to get eager on the low-slung 650i, but so as to was all forgotten on one occasion you are enveloped by the soft leather seats and the wraparound dash. All of the controls are by means of no trouble at hand, and iDrive was painless to use. The button to inferior the top complete the procedure rapid and smooth. And smooth too checkup the ride--plenty of authority as almost immediately as you hit the gas, and it stays physically powerful all through the drive. We now gliding from side to side the night, but present was no intelligence of floatiness. And the brakes ,advertising high-quality bite to slow all down. You do get a lot of noise pending eager on the cabin from side to side the top at what time it's up, particularly as of the big trucks. But overall, petroleum is a car so as to exudes luxury, sleekness and power. Excellent.

EXECUTIVE EDITOR--AUTOWEEK.COM BOB GRITZINGER: Michigan's weather cooperated in filled by means of my top-down wants as,at the same time as heavy the 2012 BMW 650i convertible. The one-button alteration as of tightly buttoned up top to wide-open sky is a amazing mixture of flaps flipping, windows rolling and the tonneau wrap tucking all eager on place. From there, it's now a substance of option by means of pleasure, as of pure soothe settings for suspension, steering and powertrain to the high-strung sport-plus amplification of seemingly each scheme in the car. I'm certain I'm mistaken, but still the audio scheme seems similar to it stay clearer and louder in sport-plus mode. It's similar to enclosed on a new pair of spectacles by means of a truthfully prescription--suddenly all earth brilliant and crisp again.

Punching the accelerator brings all eager on sharp focus--the car actually stay up on its haunches and hauls for come again? earth similar to a mighty big machine. Steering is tight and precise, the brakes instant and the suspension is extremely controlled. Avoid the bumps, since as,at the same occasion as tires and the rigid suspension don't similar to not any much, but on all but the rougher patches, the ride is oh-so-smooth. Careful of by means of speed--it's simple to creep in the direction of 90 mph with no still realizing it, still by means of the top downward and the wind amazing from side to side by means of hair.

I'm not so certain anybody who needs to take additional supposed one additional passenger counting desire to opt for the 6--there's extremely small room in the rear seat for genuine a big car, so it's additional similar to a 2+2. There are additional practical lavishness convertibles, but not any so as to cut fairly the stylish row and contain the presentation edge of the 6-series.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR JONATHAN WONG: My nighttime by means of the new 650i adaptable didn't let me to break unlock the roof, but I did contain abundance of occasion hustling one of as,at the same occasion as approximately downward in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Surprisingly, present now a number of stellar roads recognized by the sleepy towns we rolled from side to side on our drive route. The pavement was in huge form and slithered from side to side a number of good-looking mountainous terrain. With the top terrified and the sun beaming downward on me, I hit it, and the 650i drop-top didn't disappoint.

Slot it eager on game and it responds by means of composure from side to side sweeping and tight corners by means of extremely small lean. Steering is responsive, well-weighted and rapidly high-quality feedback to the driver. Push it too far, and the car determination understeer, but you actually contain to be forcing the issue to create so as to happen.

With belongings in comfort, it rolls the distance end to end of comfortably and quick the edge off the bumps I encountered downward in Mexico. I too ran approximately by means of the soft top up to shield myself as of the warmth and sun for a bit. It rapidly high-quality sound isolation (for a soft top), and I'm thankful so as to BMW determined to wait by means of the ragtop to save on heaviness in excess of a power-folding hardtop that's person's name the rage in excess of the history few years. The run-flat tires now noisy, though.

The new sheetmetal attention a great deal improved supposed the bulbous styling of the preceding 6-series. The lines are additional distinct and additional appealing to my eye overall. Inside, the layout is intuitive and the leather-wrapped dash attention stellar. And the cupholders are usable in its place of the preceding car's solitary owner so as to seemingly was an afterthought and wedged on the correct surface of the middle console.

My one grievance centers on the force-induced V8's throttle tip-in. Just as in our departed long-term 750Li, present is a muted reply at what time you primary pace on the gas. You pace downward on the correct pedal, there's nothing and after that all of unexpected it earth similar to the engine wakes up as of a small slumber and you get off. After that, the engine pulls similar to a freight train, and the eight-speed routine broadcast performs rapid shifts at what time absent in auto and is receptive at what time you use the paddles.

Overall, the new 6-series is a nice improvement. I seem forward to receiving a number of occasion in the coupe and, of course, the M6 at what time it stay here.

2012 BMW 650i Convertible

Base Price: $91,375

As-Tested Price: $105,025

Drivetrain: 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8; RWD, eight-speed automatic

Output: 400 hp @ 5,500-6,400 rpm, 450 lb-ft @ 1,750-4,500 rpm

Curb Weight: 4,531 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): 19/16.3 mpg

Options: Driver help wrap up counting routine far above the ground beams, lane-departure warning, lively blind-spot detection, side- and top-view cameras, parking help and head-up show ($3,900); lively revolve stabilization ($2,000); premium sound wrap up counting USB/iPod adapter, satellite radio by means of one-year subscription, premium hi-fi scheme ($1,800); lavishness seating wrap up counting front ventilated seats, lively front seats ($1,500); instrument board by means of leather ($1,500); 20-inch wheels by means of presentation tires ($1,300); cold-weather wrap up counting heated steering wheel, ski bag and heated front seats ($750); ceramic controls ($650); real-time transfer controls ($250)

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