2012 Bentley Continental GTC, Flash Drive Car Review

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Front heavy  blast  of 2012 Bentley GTC Photo by: Bentley Front heavy blast of 2012 Bentley GTC. Photo by Bentley.

Rear sight  of the 2012 Bentley GTC Photo by: Bentley Rear sight of the 2012 Bentley GTC. Photo by Bentley.

Side sight  of the 2012 Bentley GTC Photo by: Bentley Side sight of the 2012 Bentley GTC. Photo by Bentley.

Headlights and grille of the 2012 Bentley GTC Photo by: Bentley Headlights and grille of the 2012 Bentley GTC. Photo by Bentley.

Red center  of the 2012 Bentley GTC Photo by: Bentley Red center of the 2012 Bentley GTC. Photo by Bentley.

Interior of the 2012 Bentley GTC Photo by: Bentley Interior of the 2012 Bentley GTC. Photo by Bentley.

By: J. P. Vettraino on 9/30/2011

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What is it?

It's Bentley's newest convertible, feature on the recently launched, second-generation Continental GT. Put one more way, the GTC is a Continental GT coupe by means of a folding soft top.

Like the new GT coupe, the GTC is the majority excellent checkup as a quite subtle evolution of the landmark Continental customer in 2003. That car put Bentley rear on the ultraluxury-brand map, and after that greater supposed before the brand's similar almost tenfold in excess of the after that five years. The new GTC blends a number of mild but clear styling tweaks by means of hardware ability and a similar to track.

Its 6.0-liter, twin-turbo W12 can now run on E85. Rotating accumulation and friction contain person's name reduced, and authority increases slightly thanks to new calibrations and turbo-control strategy. There are 15 extra peak horsepower (to 567 hp at 6,000 rpm) and an infusion of 37 lb-ft of torque crossways the rev range. Shift speeds in the six-speed ZF routine are abridged 50 percent, and double downshifts are allowable for the primary occasion in the GTC. The all-wheel-drive's non-payment torque tear is shifted rearward, as of 50 proportion front, 50 rear, to 40/60.

So far, we've uncovered some interesting facts about BMW. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

The styling ability create by means of a additional upright grille and LED organization lights so as to trim the major projector beams. Underbody refinements assist decrease the coefficient of drag slightly, to .33, and decrease lift at the front and back axles. The path increases 1.6 decrease in front and 1.9 decrease in the rear, creation space for normal 20-inch wheels by means of 275/40-ZR tires (or a 21-inch upgrade). Overall, the new GTC is 155 pounds lighter supposed its predecessor, civilizing the power-to-weight ratio additional supposed the 15-hp boost suggests.

Then there's the adaptable top. It's crafted by means of customary fabric in excess of a seven-bow frame, heavily insulated and wrinkled by means of Alcantara. It's too exceptionally taut at what time it's closed and spotless in profile.

The Continental GTC determination arrive at U.S. dealerships by the end of petroleum year, sensibly at $212,800 preceding to a gas-guzzler tax, the $2,595 destination accuse or any of the boggling collection of hardware and center come to an end options. Bentley execs say the manufacturing section has finally signed off on the brand's new 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 and it be hypothetical to be obtainable sometime in 2012. They assure inferior exact petroleum use and a 40 proportion decrease in emissions better by means of the W12

What is it similar to to drive?

As we'd expect, feature on the measured nature of its improvements. The Continental GTC delivers the same, wonderful mixture of far above the ground style, instantly recognizable presence, high-quality reply and smooth, stable, velocity so as to it forever has. Only additional so.

The top is a easy affair, operated by means of one button at speeds up to 20 mph, gap or closing in concerning 25 seconds. Bentley brags so as to petroleum is the world's stiffest convertible, by means of "coupelike refinement," and so as to may be true. But by means of the top up, present is motionless a bit additional street and wind noise in the GTC supposed in the coupe. There's too an additional bit of rippling flex from side to side the steering column at what time you pound in excess of a railroad crossing. Such is the cost one pays for the alternative of open-top motoring.

With the top down, buffeting is approximately by no means an issue for persons in the GTC's front seats. Put the surface windows up and you probably won't desire to bother by means of the detachable back wind blocker so as to stows in the trunk. There's small turbulence investment steady at 80 mph.

Both the brake and gas pedal contain a smooth, progressive feel, consequences the operator is subtle or fairly violent by,by means of them. And petroleum GTC responds to steering inputs additional crisply supposed the original. It large a bit fewer nose heavy, fewer pony-carlike in so as to respect, and it turns eager on corners additional readily. On the road, by means of its huge, performance-grade Pirellis, we might not get the GTC to understeer. No one actually wants additional authority supposed petroleum car delivers, still by means of a restrain heaviness exceeding 5,500 pounds. Its ZF routine broadcast is outstanding. At a casual pace it's as smooth as 18-year-old solitary malt. Shifted manually, its delivers quick, throttle-blip downshifts so as to sound as high-quality as any dual-clutch extant.

It's all padded, soft leather surfaces inside, by means of big, at ease seats and a hand-finished, bespoke excellence so as to lesser lavishness brands don't match. The manage interface, construct inexpensive a pair of knurled aluminum knobs by means of a high-res, eight-inch touch screen, is additional effectual supposed the majority of the point-and-click scheme out there. There's abundance of room and a bit additional legroom in back, thanks to a new seat design, although correct of entry motionless characteristic a number of acrobatics.

Do I desire it?

Bentley earth to contain achieved its dependable by means of the person Continental GTC. It's additional receptive and stable at all speeds, characterized by a bit additional edge by means of no defeat of requisite Bentley smoothness or comfort. If by means of present lean in the direction of big, heavy, superfast cars by means of undeniable presence, and by means of pockets are bottomless enough, absolutely you do. If you are from occasion to time anxious by excess, you can stay for the V8.

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Knowing enough about BMW to make solid, informed choices cuts down on the fear factor. If you apply what you've just learned about BMW, you should have nothing to worry about.


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