2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Limited Sedan: AutoWeek Long-Term Update

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Review Subaru Impreza WRX STI. DAVID ARNOUTS
In inquisitiveness months of heavy the Subaru Impreza WRX STI Limited sedan, we averaged 19.8 mpg.

By: Jonathan Wong on 7/08/2011

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Blue Winter Bomber

Winter isn't the perfect occasion to choose up a new presentation car--that is, if not it's a rally-bred all-wheel-drive terror. Our long-term 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI sedan arrived now preceding to the primary big storm hit Detroit. To prepare for come again? turned out to be one of the worst Michigan winters in new memory, our associates at Michelin ,advertising a set of Pilot Alpin PA3 chill tires for our STI.

This was important, as our store Dunlop SP Sport 600 summer tires counting contain absent us helpless. The Michelins proved completely value and complete slicing from side to side big accumulations a laugh-out-loud affair. One not practical enjoyed it so a great deal in the slick so as to he said, "The STI probably satisfies me additional in the snow supposed it fake in dry conditions."

On dry roads, the Pilot Alpin PA3s ,advertising high-quality grip, receptive turn-in, not a great deal tire noise and a at ease ride for a presentation chill tire. However, contain did struggle for footing on ice, causing a pair of shut encounters by means of strengthen barriers.

Subaru's suspension profits for 2011 drew rave reviews as of a staff so as to prefers to not remember concerning the softer, gentler and fewer supposed stellar WRX STI so as to the earth was proof to for the 2008 replica year.

"I love the new STI. It's tighter and seemingly quicker, and hold is amazing. It be hypothetical to be a fun year," one not practical said. Everyone in the put of work decided so as to the STI's hard-core edge has person's name restored.

The reworked suspension didn't compromise ride quality. Most sense so as to the suspension is solid and the chassis is rock-solid, but the STI rapidly an satisfactory quantity of damping and motionless exhibits a number of lean from side to side corners. The Brembo brakes too drew praise for completely sure attract muscle.

However, all wasn't high-quality by means of our 2011 WRX STI in the primary quarter. Some wished so as to Subaru counting contain establish a small additional authority in the turbocharged boxer four-cylinder to go the distance end to end of by means of suspension upgrades, in its place of the carryover 305 hp. The center was criticized for numerous creaks and rattles, chiefly at what time it was cold.

The cost of admission was one more sore spot for our STI Limited model, by means of leather seats, a moonroof, fog lights and BBS wheels. With an as-tested cost shut to $40,000, there's a extended catalog of option vehicles available. When it came to the big back spoiler so as to returned by means of the sedan for 2011, the put of work was split--some appreciated it, and route hated it.

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Through the primary inquisitiveness months, we racked up sufficient on foot for two scheduled service appointments, construct built-in synthetic oil profits and universal inspections. Early on, we now too at the dealership to contain Sirius satellite radio installed, construct was obtainable merely as a trader option. With a one-year service subscription, our Sirius cost us a whopping $729.71.

It's secure to say so as to our 2011 Subaru WRX STI approved chill by means of flying colors. We'll let you be acquainted with how it tames spring.


2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Limited Sedan



FUEL ECONOMY: 19.8 mpg

FUEL COST: $1,380.69


MAINTENANCE: Install and activate satellite radio by means of one-year service ($729.71); 7,500-service, counting oil change, rotate tires, universal inspection ($76.96); 3,750-mile service, counting oil change, universal inspection ($54.90); install chill tires ($54); repair windshield chip ($29.95)

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