2011 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.0T, Long-Term Car Review Update

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Autoweek staffers.">2011 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.0T
The 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.0T is receiving lots of praise as of Autoweek staffers.

By: Natalie Neff on 10/06/2011

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The praise hasn't let up for our long-term Hyundai Sonata. To a person, we're motionless enjoying the car's peppy turbocharged four-banger and its overall ease of use. Getting the utterance out on the relative competitiveness of the car, however, has met lots of resistance. Folks familiar to the normal lineup of domestic, German and European construct won't still think the Korean car.

An swap connected by one not practical typifies the reaction in the center of “civilians,” a.k.a. persons who are not automotive journalists.

Friend: “Hey, come again? is this?”

Editor: “A Hyundai Sonata.”

Friend: “Oh. Really? I don't believe I might buy one of these.”

Editor: “But it's a actually high-quality car.”

Friend: “Yeah, but it's a Hyundai.”

The swap is anecdotal, by means of the Sonata's similar numbers not reflecting genuine a broad gulf as implied by our friend's response, but we're certain so as to Hyundai grapples by means of the assumptions buried in the exchange. Enthusiasts be familiar with the strides Hyundai has complete as,because it recognized a foothold on as,at the same occasion as shores 25 existence ago, as exemplified by the fine Sonata. And yet the Sonata--like by means of essential Toyota Camry, Honda Accord or Ford Fusion--is a car decidedly aimed at nonenthusiasts.

Our knowledge has person's name positive, together as of an object standpoint and as better by means of the previous long-term Sonata in our fleet. That 2006 replica was so unloved so as to we racked up now 13,241 on foot in a year's use. Half a day in by means of our 2011 Sonata, we're now 30 on foot shy of so as to total.

This car performs a great deal improved in over-the-road duty, by means of additional supposed one staffer opting to get the car in its place of an SUV on camping vacations and cross-state drives. “We managed to fit the majority of our cog in the big trunk,” one not practical said. “Four suitcases, two latent bags, a tent, a container of cocktail and a number of miscellaneous items.”

So far, we've uncovered some interesting facts about BMW. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

The engine is endlessly eager, its turbocharged character forever entertaining. But maybe additional significant for nonenthusiasts is the notice Hyundai paid to the car's essential functionality. Every intended has establish the cabin simple to negotiate, the seats at ease and the nav scheme in the center of the the majority excellent and the majority intuitive we've tested.

The merely main problem we've run eager on so far can't still be answerable on the car. When it was parked in downtown Detroit for an evening event, an important person smashed out the front passenger casement and complete off by means of a few substance so as to now (unwisely) absent in simple view, counting a laptop, sunglasses and an iPod cord. Such incidents are just a peril of operational and playing in a big city. We too quick the car in for its 12,600-mile service; a month later, we had to repair a stone pop in the windshield. All told, we didn't use a nighttime with no the car.

One staffer sums up our half-year by means of the car petroleum way: “The Sonata motionless kicks ass all in excess of the place. It's huge in a straight line, it's quick, and the paddle shifters are in fact fun. It's handsome to seem at. It has a number of chrome but not sufficient to be gaudy, and the lines are now slick.”


2011 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.0T


MILES DRIVEN (QUARTER/TO DATE): 6,050.0/13,211.3


FUEL price (QUARTER/TO DATE): $918.79/$1,849.61


MAINTENANCE: Reinstall summer tires ($78.10); 12,600-mile service, counting oil change, multipoint inspection ($33.27); put back front passenger casement ($202.00); repair windshield chip ($29.95)

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