2011 BMW M3 Coupe, Drivers Log Car Review

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2011 BMW M3 Coupe Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 BMW M3 Coupe Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 BMW M3 Coupe Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 BMW M3 Coupe Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 BMW M3 Coupe Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 BMW M3 Coupe Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 BMW M3 Coupe Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 BMW M3 Coupe Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. Photo by David Arnouts.

Published on 9/01/2011

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EXECUTIVE EDITOR ROGER HART: A pair of existence heavy petroleum 2011 BMW M3 coupe and it's simple to see why petroleum is the benchmark by construct all additional game coupes are measured. The V8 is terrific, and as,at the same time as it peaks at additional supposed 400 hp, it one way or another become paler still additional powerful. With the six-speed manual, you can by means of no trouble stay the revs in the sweet spot. I establish myself heavy for a as,at the same time as in come into view gear, now to perceive sound the huge engine note blast out of the courtyard exhausts.

The notice to feature in the way the car steers and brakes is evident--everything is tight. This is, in effect, a contest car. The steering is spot on, the feedback letting you be acquainted with precisely anywhere the front tires are at any known time. And since petroleum obsession is able of warp speed, the brakes, by means of the cross-drilled and ventilated rotors so as to approach by means of the game package, are outstanding. In freeway driving, you require to understand so as to you determination be clever to discontinue a great deal additional quickly--if necessary--than now concerning anybody else you are sharing the street with.

The broadcast has nice small throws to facilitate changing gears. The grasp takeup is too excellent, up close to the top of the pedal travel. And the pedals are perfectly spaced for heel-and-toe shifting.

I establish the automatically operated seats to be a pain to try to discover a at ease seating position. For almost $70K, can I get electrically forbidden seats? Would it actually add so as to a great deal weight? And I counting love to see BMW approach up by means of a new radio border for cars with no a navigation scheme and iDrive. The skill present is at smallest amount a decade (or more) old. And as,at the same time as the iPod border works, to scroll from side to side the song menu you require a copilot operating the system. It so extended so as to if the intended now responsibility it, you'd be in the ditch way preceding to you establish by means of preferred Willie Nelson tune.

But, hey, the M3 is concerning as shut to a contest car for the street as you can buy, and the heavy knowledge as of so as to standpoint is firm to beat.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR JONATHAN WONG: We've heaped a lot of praise onto the BMW M3 in excess of the years, and deservingly so. From a chassis dynamics standpoint, few decide do it as healthy as BMW. The suspension keeps it confidently wedged from side to side corners, steering is exact and rapidly high-quality feedback from side to side the wheel, and ride excellence is additional supposed manageable for the era at what time you're not slinging it approximately hard. The 4.0-liter V8 has phenomenal throttle reply by means of a stratospheric 8,400-rpm redline. As Roger said, the M3 leftovers the car so as to additional car decide strive to beat in petroleum segment.

What I don't contain the similar opinion by means of Roger on is the transmission. Of course, kudos to BMW for ongoing to present the M3 by means of a six-speed physical in adding to pleasing the dual-clutch sequential physical folks by offering a seven-speed box. But I do desire BMW counting melody the shifter for a crisper and additional exact operation. Acura and Audi by means of this present way improved shift actions, in my opinion. The springy grasp pedal is one more obsession I'm not far above the ground on. Does it work? Yeah, for certain, but it's now one of persons belongings so as to you desire might be a tad better.

This exacting 2011 M3 was glow on the tech features, construct was nice. No iDrive, navigation and satellite radio to fool approximately by means of (OK, I did miss the sat radio a bit). The seats now manual, and I didn't similar to persons at all. Attempting to discover a at ease seating place is hard and the seat shortfall don't present the custom of surface hold up you require in a car similar to this. A set of game buckets similar to come again? Audi puts in the S4 are sorely needed.

But at what time it moderator to the overall heavy experience, no additional car in petroleum collection of students delivers as physically powerful in all punitive as the BMW M3. Not the Lexus IS-F or the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Neither of persons rapidly a factual physical gearbox or has a chassis as healthy sorted as the BMW's. Sure, contain are additional powerful. The Lexus's 5.0-liter V8 spits out a smidge additional horsepower at 416, as,at the same time as the Benz's 6.2-liter V8 fake a high-quality quantity additional at 451 hp. They together out-torque the Bimmer's 295 lb-ft, by means of the IS-F delivering 371 lb-ft and the C63 AMG ringing up 443 lb-ft.

Still, still existence form outmotored, the BMW isn't too far at the back to 60 mph, normal to the manufacturer's in print presentation figures. BMW inappropriately petroleum M3 by means of the physical broadcast reaches 60 mph as of a standstill in 4.7 seconds, as,at the same time as the Lexus fake it in 4.6 place and the Mercedes is the best of not any all at 4.4 seconds.

However, by means of the dual-clutch transmission, BMW inappropriately 0-to-60-mph era fall to 4.5 seconds, construct counting be earlier supposed the Lexus but motionless grainy supposed the Benz. Of course, fake petroleum actually matter? It's now splitting hairs at petroleum time and in the end, all inquisitiveness are actually darn fast.

The high-quality information for customers is so as to all inquisitiveness transport dissimilar individuality to the table. In my opinion, the Lexus is the third-place entry, as,at the same time as the BMW and the Mercedes swap primary and second. Sometimes the Benz's throaty V8 and raw authority stay me, as,at the same time as at additional era I favor the BMW's fair attack.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and BMW experts is time. If you'll invest a little more time in reading, you'll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to BMW.

NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: I contain the similar opinion by means of Roger and Jon, the M3 coupe leftovers the benchmark for petroleum segment. It's powerful, luxurious and well-executed in everyway so as to matters. The engine is a rocket, by means of an impressive sound and sinister exhaust note. The six-speed physical is a gem, and it's methodically enjoyable and interactive for enthusiasts who desire to channel all of petroleum copious authority themselves.

The chassis is solid, and the corpse is taut and composed. Turns and wonderful are small trouble, and the intended feeds off petroleum car's energy. I similar to the subtle attention too. The badging, the domed hood, the curved fenders--it's all imposing with no existence form overwrought.

My dislikes now additional the distance end to end of the lines of nitpicking. The automatic seats seemed Paleozoic for a car petroleum expensive, and the radio border looked as if it was straight out of the 1980s. Where's the satellite radio, too? It moderator on entry-level sedans, but not on one of the baddest sports education coupes in the world?

All of so as to is overlooked at what time smoothly operating grasp and pedal as you blitz from side to side traffic. It's truthfully a fun car. The M3 coupe too represents the the majority excellent of the automobile world--power and luxury. Just be certain to get the manual.

ART DIRECTOR CHERYL L. BLAHNIK: Oh, if merely each car might drive similar to this. I had petroleum car for a nighttime and hoped so as to I might contain it longer--like, forever.

It's a sharp-looking car as of the exterior by means of the M3 badges, domed hood and carbon-fiber roof. But on one occasion you slide eager on the cabin, the disappointment be dressed in in. This age group 3-series has person's name a approximately for a bit and it's glaringly obvious in the cabin. As route contain mentioned, the radio border attention actually dated. Good obsession the heavy knowledge keeps you distracted as of charitable too deeply eager on the interior.

Speaking of heavy experience, petroleum car is tight and begs to be driven additional than a straight line. With its cornering prowess and six-speed physical gearbox, petroleum car counting be a blast for any heavy enthusiast.

MOTORSPORTS EDITOR MAC MORRISON: This is one of my customary favorites, but I'm preliminary to seem forward to the after that generation. For all of the power, sense and handling prowess of the V8-engined M3, I miss its predecessors each occasion I drive it.

I don't desire to say it large serious per se, still although it is quite, er, substantial, since BMW's V8 and world-class chassis/suspension tuning mask a lot of the heft. As always, you can fling petroleum M3 approximately by means of abandon merely to be rewarded at each curve in the road.

Still, there's now amazing concerning the car so as to bugs me, and it's additional similar to the overall emotion it conveys to me rather supposed any solitary glaring deficiency. Little belongings similar to difficulty judgment a high-quality seating position, extended shift throws and attention to arrive at too far for the shifter itself and a rubber-band grasp annoy me additional each occasion I sample petroleum car.

The M3's handling, engine and overall knowledge motionless put it at the top of the sport-coupe/sport-sedan class, but as occasion weapons on, I produce additional sure so as to I won't still miss petroleum car the way I do the old appreciated at what time a substitute moderator along.

I hope I haven't spoken too soon.

2011 BMW M3 Coupe

Base Price: $59,775

As-Tested Price: $66,425

Drivetrain: 4.0-liter V8; RWD, six-speed manual

Output: 414 hp @ 8,300 rpm, 295 lb-ft @ 3,900 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,704 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): 16/16.5 mpg

Options: Competition wrap up counting lively damper control, 18-inch alloy double-spoke wheels, routine start/stop function, M drive, adjustable front armrest ($2,500); BMW help by means of Bluetooth ($750); Le Mans blue-metallic exterior paint ($550); blue-gray brushed aluminum by means of adjustable seat width/lumbar ($500); heated front seats, ambient lighting ($500); iPod and USB adapter ($400); smartphone integration ($150)

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