2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta, an AutoWeek Drivers Log Car Review

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2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Photo by David Arnouts.

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Photo by: David Arnouts 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Photo by David Arnouts.

Published on 7/14/2011

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  • 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta, an AutoWeek Video Car Review
NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: I exhausted a daily in petroleum imposing Alfa, and I was struck by how enjoyable it construct usual driving--and so as to the Giulietta is, in fact, a conservative car.

People do get notice, construct is interesting since it doesn't place out in the mind-blowing style of, say, an Audi R8 spyder. But I did get a honk as of a guy in a TT on the way home, and transfer seemed to approach together approximately me in search of a improved seem additional supposed I counting contain liked. The the majority similar cars are the Volkswagen GTI and the Mazda Mazdaspeed 3, construct contain tons of authority and panache in little packaging.

The engine and broadcast are healthy paired. The six-speed is smooth by means of throws bordering on the extended side, and the grasp take-up is supple and easy. The tranny is so interactive; it construct the pilot desire to dart to exterior lanes and downshift history sluggish traffic, construct I did on a splendid June morning complete all the improved by the Alfa's dynamics.

Speaking of which: I punched up to the game location and was rewarded by means of a tighter drive, heavier steering off-center and a great deal improved punch. It's a subtle transition but noticeable and fun. No require to use the all-weather location in summer.

This Giulietta generation up to its melodic person's name in attention and charisma. Like a good-looking woman, petroleum Alfa wears its jewelry well, and the LED present and circular patterns in the wheels standout, addition now a flash of bling in all the correct places in tasteful style. The curvy black sheetmetal, the well-known Alfa badges, the lines and creases--it all informative in a style so as to brings the romanticism of the make to life.

Inside is a touch tight, although a lot of similar cars contain similar shut quarters. The black seats by means of red stitching are comfortable, sharp and supportive. The dashboard is simple to appreciate writing and understand, and it's nice to contain genuine switches to twist off skin genuine as the organization lights and auto start/stop--which mechanism flawlessly, by the way. I recorded at smallest amount seven instances of the scheme kicking in on my way home.

My first impression: I might live by means of petroleum car, and I counting love the attention and the sense of it. This is a huge entry car for contemporary enthusiasts seeking the attraction of Alfa Romeo.

EXECUTIVE EDITOR—AUTOWEEK.COM BOB GRITZINGER: If Fiat can uphold a number of of the Italian exuberance at what time petroleum Giulietta is remade as a Dodge little car, petroleum counting be a high-quality obsession for Chrysler. This car as equipped, by means of a small, high-revving MultiAir engine and a six-speed physical gearbox, is a blast to drive, fortified by the Honeywell turbocharger. As noted by Greg, the heavy sense is pure Euro, the type of obsession we discover in a VW GTI, the new Ford Focus or the Mazdaspeed 3. That's the substance, and it's evident in engine responsiveness and a well-sorted chassis--especially in dynamic-driving mode--along by means of huge brakes and a nice shifter and clutch. Add a small Italian flair in the slick and sporty five-door styling (love the hidden rear-door handles and back hatch let go liberally eager on the big Alfa medallion), and petroleum car is a notch on top of all but the Focus as of my view.

Inside, the small additional touches and trimmings create the Giulietta a particular put to use time. I love the big silver shift ball and the extra-supportive seats.

So far, we've uncovered some interesting facts about BMW. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

Though Greg obtainable no problems, I contain a number of grave concerns concerning petroleum request of the stop/start fuel-saving mode. The scheme shuts downward the engine whenever the car is stopped, idling in neutral, by means of the grasp released. It's hypothetical to mechanically flames rear up as almost immediately as the grasp is depressed, but on more supposed a few occasions, I had depressed the clutch, shifted eager on primary and was releasing the grasp and hitting the accelerator--but the engine hadn't restarted. It wasn't awaiting I pushed the grasp pedal rear to the ground so as to the engine jumped rear to life--long sufficient to leave a big gap in transfer and prompt a few horn honks.

I certain hope that's now a small flaw by means of petroleum car, since stop/start holds grave assure for saving fuel, but it has to be as dependable as pushing on the gas pedal and attention the car go--instantly. Luckily, the scheme can be shut down, but so as to kind of defeats the purpose.

I picked up a important change, for the better, in the engine reply and chassis tautness in dynamic-driving mode. I might see small cause to drive in the soft mode, if not by means of usual drive way is pockmarked by means of potholes. Pitching the car firm eager on a bend can tax the suspension to the maximum, but the car holds the street well, still if it tableware cruel responsibility it. The brakes on petroleum car are rapid to react and strong.

In short, I love the majority all concerning petroleum car and hope Ralph Gilles and the Chrysler side can transport it to us more frequently supposed not intact as a sporty Dodge small-car entry.

ART DIRECTOR CHERYL BLAHNIK: I had petroleum for a day and I was excited to get in it since I don't create it out to Europe, and it's a car we don't get in the United States. That said, populace become aware of so as to petroleum car is amazing different. It conventional lots of attention and inquiries as to its origin. I still had a woman go after me eager on a bank parking lot and ask if petroleum car was leaving to be in the States soon. She was by far the the majority excited being to converse concerning petroleum car by means of me.

I actually similar to the curved lines so as to create it seem elegant and sporty. I certain hope Dodge can carry on to stay so as to shape and feel. As Gritz mentioned, the easy thinking of hiding the rear door handles extra it now a nice touch of method and sophistication. The hatch visually mechanism on petroleum car, and yes, it fake remind me of a VW as of the back.

But I'm too not sold on the start/stop system. On more supposed a few occasions I become paler similar to I couldn't still get off smoothly as of a discontinue and reserved attention to apologize to our intern for my horrible shifting ability. And present are the era at what time you desire to drag out on to the street as of a discontinue and link the traffic, but by means of petroleum car I become paler similar to I had to stay since I didn't desire to create slowly and contain populace slam on completely brakes since I couldn't get out present rapid enough.

One obsession I'm actually curious concerning is the cost so as to petroleum counting get as a Dodge. Once you get history the stop/start issue, it actually was a fun car to drive approximately in. Put the car in the lively mode, and it was actually fun. The center had a streamlined feel. Did anybody else become aware of the steady creaking on the dash area? For a new car, I actually discover petroleum unacceptable, in spite of of cost or manufacturer.

Honeywell Turbo Technologies provided AutoWeek this Giulietta for the organize of assessment and to demonstrate the turbocharged engine.


ON SALE: Europe (not for U.S. sale)

PRICE: $34,000 (est)

DRIVETRAIN: 1.4-liter, 170-hp, 184-lb-ft turbocharged MultiAir four-cylinder; FWD, six-speed manual

CURB WEIGHT: 3,009 lb

0-62 MPH: 7.8 sec


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