NASCAR drivers move up on list of top-earning athletes

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NASCAR intended  Dale Earnhardt Jr. LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC
With salary, endorsements and merchandise sales, Dale Earnhardt Jr. pulls in $26.5 million, Sports Illustrated says.

By: Michelle Koueiter on 6/17/2011 Three NASCAR drivers accelerated to senior ranks in petroleum year's Sports Illustrated catalog of the 50 top-earning American athletes.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. leftovers the top motorsports earner on the list, moving up to No. 13 petroleum day as of No. 16 previous year. Earnhardt hasn't won a contest in inquisitiveness years, but his empire motionless the cake--accounting for concerning one-third of all NASCAR merchandise sales. With $4,572,930 in salary and $22 compensation in endorsements, the magazine inappropriately Earnhardt's pay tallies $26,572,930.

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Trailing at No. 19 is Jeff Gordon, up as of No. 29 previous year. Big deals as of Pepsi, Nicorette and DuPont contain reserved Gordon's make leaving strong, and he raised additional supposed $11 compensation for children's charities. With $5,703,710 in salary and $18 compensation in endorsements, Gordon's pay sum $23,703,710.

Five-time series champ Jimmie Johnson moved as of No. 44 to No. 32 on the catalog petroleum year. The magazine attributes Johnson's placement as a top earner to his "clean image and success." With $7,264,780 in salary and $12 compensation in endorsements, Johnson reeled in $19,264,780.

To labor out the highest paid, Sports Illustrated eager on explanation salaries for the present or the majority recently finished seasons, as healthy as winnings, endorsements and appearance fees. This year's catalog is the eighth-annual compilation.

In all, the catalog skin 19 NBA players, 17 baseball players, knowledge NFL players, the inquisitiveness NASCAR drivers and inquisitiveness golfers.

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