2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe Car Review

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Side sight  of the Mini Cooper S Coupe.
Mini inappropriately the Cooper S coupe determination run as of 0 to 62 mph in 6.9 seconds.

By: Greg Kable on 6/07/2011

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What is it?

A Mini replica so as to is set to appeal to male management additional supposed any other. At smallest amount that's come again? Mini is saying concerning its new Mini coupe, the fifth replica to link its lineup as,because Mini's revival in 2001.

The distinctively styled two-door is set to go on sale in North America in October.

First previewed at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show, the Mini coupe has progressed as of concept to manufacture car by means of remarkably few changes. The foundation for the new car, counting its total inferior body, is the obtainable convertible, to construct the Mini plan side additional a new higher part and a big liftback-style tailgate at the rear--both construct add sole visual appeal.

Among the additional clear plan flourishes is a new windshield so as to is raked rear an extra 13 degrees supposed so as to on the hardtop and construct is a high-quality contract shorter. The surface goblet is too shallower, charitable the Mini coupe a chopped-top appeal.

The top has person's name styled the distance end to end of the lines of the Mini Countryman, by means of a back part so as to wonderful downward for additional volume. It too incorporates a set spoiler constituent on top of a heavily angled back casement so as to forms fraction of the tailgate. An extra lively spoiler, the primary still on a Mini model, is set inside the stem lid and deploys at 50 mph to give additional downforce and better constancy at far above the ground speeds.

At 147.8 decrease extended and 54.3 decrease tall, the Mini coupe is 0.5 inch longer and 1.2 decrease on fire supposed the hardtop.

Inspired by Mini-based coupes as of self-governing decide genuine as Broadspeed, Marcos and Midas, the new coupe is not precisely elegant--not in the customary sense, anyway. However, it manages to place out as of the small-car crowd, and for a lot of prospective management petroleum determination obviously add up additional supposed no substance which else.

Mini is set to present the coupe by means of its obtainable N18 turbocharged 1.6-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine in North America. European management too get the N47 2.0-liter, four-cylinder common-rail diesel but, as in additional Mini heavy sold here, it is not intended for the United States.

The gasoline component delivers 121 hp in the Mini Cooper coupe, 181 hp in the Cooper S coupe and 208 hp in the range-topping John Cooper Works coupe model. Gearbox choices comprise a normal six-speed physical the distance end to end of by means of an not obligatory six-speed routine on all heavy except for the top-of-the-line JCW coupe.

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What is it similar to to drive?

Mini's aim by means of the coupe was to make a car so as to went one improved supposed the hardtop in conditions of overall intended appeal. However, the require to use as a lot of carryover components as likely in a bid to create the new car gainful income the automatic wrap up is virtually the same--and in a lot of respects, so is the way it drives.

The low top construct entry a small additional hard supposed in the hardtop, but the seats are set low sufficient to create sure so as to still tall drivers can be accommodated with no any headroom issues, thanks in fraction to a scalloped-out headliner.

Although the heavy place is unchanged as of so as to of the hardtop, the additional heavily raked windshield and inferior top extra the coupe a additional sporting air as of the driver's seat. The drawback? Visibility, chiefly to the rear, construct is restricted by the thin glass.

Performance-wise, there's small to criticize. The turbocharged 1.6-liter engine in the Cooper S account concentrate 177 lb-ft of torque recognized by 1,600 rpm and 5,000 rpm--including a peak of 192 lb-ft recognized by 1,700 rpm and 4,500 rpm, charitable the coupe a high-quality twist of pace out of the control and tremendous suppleness on the run.

Mini list the coupe determination run as of 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 place and has a top pace of 149 mph. As by means of the hardtop, hough, it is the in-gear armed up so as to impresses the most. Plant by means of base at low revs in low gears, and you're plump to solid armed up so as to is all fraction and parcel of the coupe's keen nature.

The Mini coupe rides on an upgraded account of the hardtop's MacPherson-strut and multilink suspension, featuring slightly firmer shocks and a larger-diameter back antiroll bar. The inferior top and a pared-out center too provide it a inferior middle of gravity supposed additional Mini models. Although the top has no load-bearing function, a substantial transverse ray anxiety on top of the back axle theater give a height of stiffness approaching so as to of additional Mini models.

First impressions, following an extended run approximately an Austrian driver-training ability in a preproduction prototype, suggest Mini has succeeded, though the dissimilarity in nature recognized by the coupe and the adaptable as of at the back the wheel is not great. There are subtle improvements in lively terms, fewer first revolve on twist in and a additional firmly planted back end at what time you lift off mid-corner in the center of them. Just don't stay for it to give a vastly dissimilar heavy knowledge as of its much-loved sibling.

The center of the Mini coupe mirrors so as to of the adaptable up front, correct on downward to the tallness of its seats. The rear, however, has person's name totally revised by means of the back seats creation way for a parcel shelf and a handy load-through characteristic so as to can be accessed as of the driver's seat. The stem is 4.2 four-sided figure get second-hand to better supposed so as to of the hardtop at 9.9 four-sided figure feet, thanks to the be small of of back seats. But a crossmember organization from side to side the ground income the load bay is not flat.

Do I desire it?

If you can live by means of the arresting attention and heavy appeal is a priority, it's surely value considering. North American pricing is yet to be announced. But the Mini coupe obviously retains all the basics so as to contain complete the hardtop genuine an outstanding success in excess of the history decade or so. It's tremendously entertaining, and by means of all of so as to room out back, it is extremely practical by two-seater standards. Be warned, though--a roadster account is too intended to link the Mini lineup in close to the beginning 2012 ,next a community premiere at the Detroit auto show. We suspect it may be still additional fun.

An previous account of petroleum account second-hand European specifications and contained inaccuracies concerning the test-drive. It has person's name amended.

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