Web site lets fans customize a Ford Mustang

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Ford Mustang customizing online
A new Ford Mustang site set to open on Sept. 20 lets enthusiasts make completely dream pony cars.

By: Julie Alvin on 9/16/2011

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Ford Mustang fans fantasize concerning taste completely own account of the famous car and now contain can do so--digitally.

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A new Mustang Web site set to open on Sept. 20 lets enthusiasts make completely dream pony car. They can decide as of the Mustang V6, the Mustang GT, the Boss 302 and the Shelby GT500, by,by means of inquisitiveness dissimilar backgrounds, five dissimilar angles and legally responsible of accessories genuine as corpse kits, wheels, decals and grilles.

“This site lets Mustang fans customize cars to completely heart's content,” supposed Brian McClary, Ford communal and emerging broken specialist. “It's a simple-to-use layout so as to lets funding get the bottom plan of Mustang and run by means of it.”

Users can post completely shaped cars to completely Facebook ramparts and compete after that to additional users' creations, by means of friends' votes tallied on a leader board. Check it out at www.ford.com/cars/mustang.

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