Saab parent company to sell Spyker luxury brand to U.S. firm

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Saab sells Spyker to U.S. investor group.
Spyker's lineup luckily the C8 Aileron.

By: Michelle Koueiter on 9/29/2011

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Saab close relative corporation Swedish Automobile tactics to sell its Spyker luxury-sports-car make to U.S. private-equity solid North Street Capital for concerning $44 million.

Spyker has person's name careful to tip out to European information abridged so as to the accord has not person's name complete final.

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Swedish Automobile had originally signed a contract by means of British corporation CPP Global in February to sell Spyker, but the accord fell from side to side in June.

If the sale to North Street Capital weapons through, Swedish Automobile supposed it determination pay debt owed to Tenaci, the private-investment corporation owned by Saab CEO Victor Muller.

Cash-strapped Swedish Automobile has person's name struggling for months to avoid bankruptcy. Last week, Saab won Swedish courtyard protection as of creditors as,at the same time as it waits on funding as of Chinese investors to resume manufacture in Sweden.

Meanwhile, prospect growth for the Spyker make determination drop eager on the by means of no trouble of racing enthusiast Alex Mascioli, a managing associate at North Street Capital. He has raced cars all of his existence and apparently has the capital to get a long-term sight on the lavishness brand.

Only a handful of Spyker cars are shaped every year--usually sensibly in surplus of $100,000. You've seen the cars in movies genuine as The Pink Panther and Basic Instinct 2.

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