Ram to sell two Fiat vans

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ram make  to sell fiat ducato van.
Chrysler Group's Ram make determination sell a van feature on the Fiat Ducato, shown.

By: Luca Ciferri And Bradford Wernle, Automotive News on 9/16/2011

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The Ram make determination get a commercial van feature on the Fiat Ducato big paneled van, supplier abridged supposed at the Frankfurt motor show.

Chrysler tactics to construct 30,000 a day in Mexico, the abridged said. Chrysler by now builds Ram heavy-duty pickups in Saltillo, Mexico.

The van determination plug a hole in Chrysler Group's commercial vehicle commerce so as to was shaped at what time the corporation stopped advertising the Dodge Sprinter vans, shaped by Mercedes-Benz, following the DaimlerChrysler divorce in 2009.

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Ram make spokesman David Elshoff had no comment on the plans.

The Ducato-based van is probable to arrive at by means of destination in 2013. It determination be the better of two Fiat-based commercial vans in the Ram portfolio. On Sept. 9, Fiat and its Turkish joint venture, Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi, supposed contain had signed a memorandum of sympathetic on a seven-year contract to provide the Ram make by means of 190,000 units of a smaller van feature on the Fiat Doblo.

The Doblo-based replica determination compete by means of the Ford Transit Connect, construct too is complete at a Turkish factory. Chrysler Group hopes the two vehicles determination add to the appeal of the Ram make in the center of commerce customers.

While persons two vehicles are motionless in the works, Ram has begun manufacturing one more commercial van. The 2012 Ram Cargo Van is existence form liberally at Chrysler's Windsor, Ontario, meeting plant and determination go on sale in a few weeks.

The Ram Cargo Van replaces the Dodge Grand Caravan C/V in Chrysler Group's lineup. The Ram Cargo Van is a windowless account of the Grand Caravan by means of a flat ground and heavy-duty suspension.

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