Caterham Cars launches engineering business

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caterham be dressed in  up manufacturing  business.
Catherham tactics to marketplace its manufacturing expertise.

By: Jake Lingeman on 9/29/2011

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Caterham Cars has shaped a divide manufacturing business, Caterham Technology and Innovation Ltd (CTI). It is one of the primary moves as,because Team Lotus Enterprises quick manage of the corporation in April.

Caterham Technology and Innovation determination expand a new row of lightweight sports education cars inspired by the Caterham Seven and sketch on resources and information gained as of Team Lotus Formula One and the Caterham Air Asia Team in the GP2 Series. CTI supposed it determination center on new vehicle architectures, high-performance heavy and higher materials.

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Caterham was bought by Team Lotus Enterprises, construct is not to be puzzled by means of Group Lotus.

Group Lotus is the corporation a lot of think to be the "real" Lotus and construct owns Lotus Cars and fields its own F1 side beneath the banner Lotus-Renault GP.

If the survival of the two Lotus decide was not sufficient to reason confusion, CTI too announced so as to it hired Tony Shute, who is accredited by means of bringing the Series 1 Elise--made by Lotus Cars--to market. Shute mechanically skull of street cars for the new business.

"When the chance to be involved by means of taste the after that Caterham arose, I couldn't twist it down," supposed Shute. "The center principles and ambitions of CTI contain by now enabled us to draw a number of of the brightest and the majority respected talents in completely field."

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