Toyota shows self-steering car at safety demonstration

toyota safety Toyota
Cars like the Toyota Corolla and Camry (pictured) may be the recipients of new accident avoidance technology.

By JAKE LINGEMAN on 7/22/2011

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We already have cars that can take control of the brakes, park for us and maintain a safe distance from the car in front of us. Soon some Toyota models will be veering themselves away from accidents, too.

The new system uses cameras and a supersensitive radar called millimeter wave. Together, they help detect impending frontal crashes, such as one caused by a pedestrian crossing the street, and help the car take steps to avoid collision.

According to Toyota's chief safety technology officer, Moritaka Yoshida, the vehicle instantly calculates how much braking and steering are needed to avoid a crash.

Toyota didn't say when the technology would hit the market but hinted that it would be soon, the Detroit News reported.

Last month, Volkswagen demonstrated a car that could drive itself using radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors.

During the safety demonstration, Toyota also presented a pop-up hood that rises slightly during a pedestrian crash. The action would soften the blow to a person being hit by the front of the car. Both Jaguar and French automaker Citroën currently use the technique.


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