Volkswagen Likely To Add Diesel Tiguan in the U.S.

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2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

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Volkswagen is thrilled so as to recognized by 20 and 25 proportion of its sum vehicles sold in the U.S. are sold by means of diesel engines, but the corporation is starving for more. An executive has told us so as to the corporation counting be keen to get bigger the figure of heavy it rapidly at petroleum time by means of a diesel option. As it stands, the Passat, Jetta, new Beetle, Touareg, and Golf present a TDI on the options sheet, leaving merely the Eos and Tiguan as the gasolineonly holdouts. Lets face it: While Europeans get a diesel Eos, its not gonna occur here, so by our unrivaled by means of this of deduction, so as to foliage the Tiguan. And its a huge match for VWs 2.0liter TDI engine, construct construct 140 hp and 236 lbft of torque in its present Yankee applications.

The corporation unluckily known a timeline for a Tiguan TDI"and in fact, it unluckily still officially movements so as to genuine a car determination approach to the U.S."but wed picture itll be at smallest amount a year. The Tiguan is now now receiving a cosmetic face lift, so if VeeDub approved on petroleum chance to install a diesel, its probably leaving to be a number of occasion still.

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