Engine Tuning - Engine Control Units (ECU's)

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It controls in the center of a lot of additional belongings all the ignition timing and fueling settings and counting contain person's name setup by the manufacturer in the factory by means of economy, reliability and drivability existence form the major priority.

By reprogramming it (better recognized as remapping), the settings can be altered to produce additional authority as of the engine it controls.

Chip Upgrades and Remapping

Modern uprated ECU chips, as of the a lot of of good reputation inexpensive tuning decide can get better the drivability and torque curve all the way from side to side the revs. It be hypothetical to not result the petroleum monetary system or reliability in a main way and due to the way contain are setup, but contain are preprogrammed and are so,consequently wont provide the optimum gain.

One of the major construct by means of the normal chip, is so as to the parameters and settings it controls are intended to be second-hand on all of the heavy so as to a manufacturer produces, and so,consequently has to contain liberally in security margins in mind, as all engines, still if of the similar design, determination be slightly different.

With following marketplace presentation in its place petroleum difficulty is not cured, as yet again, as,at the same occasion as chips, intended additional for presentation supposed petroleum economy, are future to fit in any ECU of any exacting model. Again, contain are not intended ,specially for the one exacting engine in by means of car and so,consequently have to cater for the slight substantial recognized by the dissimilar engines.

On a optimistic note, one of the the majority excellent belongings concerning in its place is the aptitude to lift the rev limiter to a additional influential level. On a number of cars the rev limiter has person's name set to approach in fairly low in the rev range, e.g. : 6000 revs/min, so by by means of no trouble petroleum to a slightly higher, yet not dangerous, level, e.g. : 7200 revs/min, after that additional authority can be reached and presentation determination so,consequently be increased.

It is widely recognised so as to the merely way you can get the absolute optimum presentation as of any engine is to contain the ECU totally remapped for so as to exacting engine.

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ECU Replacements

To get the optimum presentation as of by means of cars engine it counting actually require to be on a rolling street and contain the ignition and fueling setup perfectly to match the additional components of the engine, but as the normal understanding are not programmable, a new scheme have to be wrap up to amass the new settings.

There are 3 options here.

Firstly is the ECU chipping technique as checkup above, though as,at the same occasion as are more often than not not remappable, though remappable in its place are obtainable construct determination do the job.

Secondly present are piggyback units construct are on the whole plugged in row in arrange to override a number of of the settings of the normal ECU. However, since the total unique ECU scheme is motionless in place, present may be a number of controls, genuine as the rev limit, so as to determination be set at the procedure setting.

Lastly, and the the majority effectual solution, is to install a total new programmable ECU, construct on one occasion fitted, determination present total manage in excess of the engine and all the settings so as to manage it.

On modified cars, ECU remapping can provide outstanding results, creation the car additional driveable and refined, as,at the same time as maximising the reimbursement as of all the additional modifications, charitable the absolute optimum presentation for the specification available.

Jason Morris is the owner of JAYtecnik ECU Remapping Service [http://www.jaytecnik.co.uk]

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