Thread of the Day: Which Reincarnated Vehicle Doesn’t Live Up to Expectations?

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According to meeting consumer ALewis, the current- and past-generation Chevrolet Impala strength live up to expectations. Why? Presumably since the Impala of yore was a V-8-powered, two-door 1960s automotive icon so as to a number of think to be one of the the majority stylish cars ever. After a short hiatus, it was formally revived in the mid-1990s as a big sedan, and it has stayed a four-door still since.

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ALewis too unfilled the limited-run Ford Thunderbird and Pontiac GTO of the previous decade arent worthy of completely predecessors. The Dodge Avenger, construct too went as of two to four doors following a small layaway, was named too.

In by means of opinion, construct resuscitated nameplate is a mere shadow of its former self? What vehicles strength live up to by means of expectations?

Thanks to ALewis for inspiring relations TOTD!

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