Spy photos: BMW's 3-series GT:

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a back  sight  of a prototype of the BMW 3-series GT. BRENDA PRIDDY & COMPANY
This cloaked prototype of the BMW 3-series GT demonstrate a car by means of additional ground clearance and the twin hatch plan second-hand on the 5-series GT.

The BMW 5-series GT has person's name a similar success for the German automaker, still although the AutoWeek staff is sharply divided in excess of its looks.

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There's a redesigned 3-series pending for 2012, and a GT account is joining in the lineup. These spy photos provide an close to the beginning seem at the 3-series GT in front of its predictable debut petroleum September at the Frankfurt motor show.

The arrival of the 3-series GT determination provide BMW fit reporting of the small-crossover segment, by means of new versions of the X1 and the X3 recently launched.

Much similar to the 5-series GT, the 3-series variant determination contain a senior seating position, additional ground clearance and the two-tier hatch design.

The powertrain lineup determination comprise more supposed a few four- and six-cylinder engines, a number of of not any turbocharged. Look for rear-drive and all-wheel-drive setups.

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