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29 March 2011

BMW has customer a new particular version M3 ,specially for the Chinese market.

The BMW M3 Matte Edition follows on as of the M3 Tiger Edition so as to was customer in 2010 to celebrate China's day of the tiger.

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The new Chinese M3 particular stay a option of two new exterior finishes, gunmetal grey or black, together of construct are shaped by combining a metallic come to an end by means of a silky obvious matte coat. Other exterior touches comprise lightweight 19-inch alloys, red brake callipers and black air particular and exhaust tips.

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On the inside, the dashboard is over by means of carbonfibre and the black leather seats are stitched in red, as are the door armrests.

Power for the Matte version leftovers unchanged, by,by means of the normal M3s 4.0-litre V8 engine by means of 414bhp.

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