Safety Agency Widens Inquiry Into Repairs of Rental Cars

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In an growth of its investigation eager on consequences millions of rental cars are repaired rapidly enough, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is difficult so as to main rental car decide rapidly give detailed in order concerning completely security operations.

The investigation casement late previous day by means of the agency saying it was anxious by reports of injuries and deaths in unrepaired rental cars.

The agency fake not contain the authority to power rental car decide to repair vehicles any additional supposed it can power customers to do so. But N.H.T.S.A. has supposed it predictable œthe rental car decide to give secure cars to completely clientele by submitting the recalled vehicles to the suitable procedure for the suitable security repairs in a opportune fashion.

Industry officials say so as to rental car decide are responsibility a high-quality job of repairing recalled vehicles.

The agency casement its investigation by asking General Motors, Chrysler and Ford to give in order on how rapidly a number of recalled vehicles now fixed.When the automakers healthy so as to information, it appeared so as to in a number of luggage it had in use months preceding to repairs now made.

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In letters to the agency, the rental decide supposed the automakers reports now inaccurate and unjust since a be small of of lesser had reserved a number of vehicles as of existence form repaired and persons vehicles had not person's name rented as,at the same time as awaiting repairs.One automaker, Ford, supposed it had qualms concerning the accuracy of the in order it was reporting to the agency.

œWhile the extent of the difficulty is not completely known, N.H.T.S.A. is worried concerning rental vehicles not existence form repaired, supposed Karen Aldana, a spokeswoman for the security agency, in an e-mail.

In late March, the agency healthy letters to the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, the Avis Budget Group, the Hertz Corporation and Enterprise Holdings (which luckily Alamo and National ) asking for detailed in order on how recalls are handled.

The letters assembly a figure of questions, counting consequences a number of recalls now plump as additional grave supposed route and how recall in order was communicated to rental corporation outlets. The decide now told to give the in order inside inquisitiveness weeks, construct counting be in the direction of the end of the primary melody in April.

œWe be grateful for N.T.H.S.A. finally came to the car rental decide to get dependable information concerning our recall connected and repair record, Richard Broome, a spokesman for Hertz, wrote in an e-mail. œThe information demonstrate we are correct away grounding cars by means of security construct and not returning not any to our fleets awaiting substitute lesser are complete obtainable and repairs are made.

The agency casement its investigation previous day shortly following the Federal Trade Commission was assembly by two customer agenda to arrange Enterprise Rent-A-Car to create fixing recalled vehicles preceding to renting them. Enterprise has admitted in a California courtyard so as to its breakdown to fix a Chrysler PT Cruiser was accountable for the deaths of two California recompense at what time it caught flames and crashed. The F.T.C. has yet to act on so as to ask for by Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety and the Center for Auto Safety.

Shortly preceding to the petition was filed, Enterprise school a declaration saying the companys policy was to not rent vehicles with no carrying out recalls if contain engage œthe danger of unexpected defeat of control, safety-restraint failures or flames hazards.Other recalls are œaddressed as almost immediately as possible, immediately, supposed Laura Bryant, a corporation spokeswoman.

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