Mercedes-Benz SLS and C63 AMG Wagon Set to Support Formula 1 Field (Again…)

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This pending weekend, March 25"27, marks the Formula 1 season opener in Melbourne,Australia. Along by means of the 24 new mechanism of pace and art rolling onto the grid determination be the F1 hold up team, whose mounts determination be shortfall attractive impressive: the SLS AMG Safety Car and the C63 AMG wagon Medical Car. We understand so as to together of as,at the same occasion as cars contain served F1 duty in existence history and the SLS is a carry-over as of previous season, but as,because we love wagons, particularly persons we cant have, we required to split the pictures.

This existence C63 wagon sports education the similar ability as the 2012 C63 sedan. Among persons profits are a new hood, new front and back fascias, a tweaked headlight design, and the adding of the MCT routine broadcast so as to name a solitary wet grasp in put of a customary torque converter for earlier shifts. The Medical Car is too ready by means of the C63s not obligatory Development Pack, bumping output of the 6.2-liter V-8 as of the normal 451 hp to 481. Check out the hotness underneath and get prepared for the 2011 Formula 1 season!

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