Melissa Preddy: Car accessories get rid of pets' peeves

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Melissa Preddy

It's an iconic all-American image: Rover, Fido or Rex hanging his skull out the unlock casement of a family sedan, paws braced on the windowsill, whiskers twitching in the breeze, eyes squinting after that to glare and street dust, nose happily aloft to sniff the stink of freedom on the road.

Pure, no-frills pleasure.

Except so as to similar to his person counterparts " who apparently need beverages, heated seats, GPS and Internet correct of entry for a trip to the supermarket, let unaccompanied a cross-country odyssey " the family pet require no longer endure genuine spartan mobile surroundings.

Now, Rex can ride in elevated soothe on the pillowed softness of a leopard-print, heated booster seat; withstand the armed forces of a tight twist in a padded, fleece-lined security harness; or loll in a rear-seat hammock.


Travel accouterments for dogs, cats and additional species are a burgeoning sector of the animal provisions industry, as evidenced online, in food and as of a lot of of the 2,300 exhibitors at previous week's Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla.

Selection growing
The demonstrate skin most important of extensive products. "And each day present are fairly a few additional belongings for pets on the go," supposed Dr. Marty Becker, author of "Your Dog: The Owners Manual" and a longtime veterinary specialist for ABC-TV's "Good Morning America."

Becker and generation as of now prowling the demonstrate ground and connected press conferences, checking out exhibits of substance similar to pet journey bowls so as to seat shortfall in auto cup holders and mesh-sided kennels so as to present traveling animals a sight of the unlock road.

"Something similar to 7 out of 10 owners get completely pets on a number of kind of trip," supposed Becker. "We believe of our pets as family members, and who needs to leave not any behind?"

He was impressed by the Road Refresher, a journey irrigate bowl so as to list not to spill still beneath cornering and braking. Becker too type the attention of the Kurgo-brand pet tote, construct morphs as of a soft-sided carrier to a belted-in journey seat.

Increasingly mobile
Now that we've covered those aspects of 2011, let's turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

Analysts who learn pet mind spending contain the similar opinion the nation's 93 compensation cats and 77 compensation dogs are increasingly mobile. None of the investigate firms path similar of journey products, but it's obvious so as to substance ranging as of onboard litter boxes to ladder for simple SUV correct of entry are a growing fraction of the $50 billion-plus yearly pet crop marketplace in the United States.

Automakers occasionally create forays eager on animal-friendly offerings, by means of "cargo management systems" and additional skin aimed at creation it base to safe Max and Molly, but persons not obligatory packages appear to fizzle out fast.

Shades for the dogs
Becker inappropriately enrichment behavior and toys are important, and he lauds booster seats so as to provide still little dogs a high-quality sight with no strain. But security first, he advises, noting so as to Doggles " security goggles by means of UV protection " are a have to for pets so as to hang out the window. "You counting not consider the most important of dogs who get eye injuries each year," he said. "Picture a bug hitting by means of windshield, after that image it hitting by means of dog's eyeball at 60 or 70 mph."

Seating restraints, ID collars and in,within registries are the fundamentals for road-tripping animals, he said.

If you desire to get fancy, create sure out doggie pheromones so as to calm canines by recalling the scent of completely mother, or the DOGTEK EYENIMAL camera so as to determination evidence the vacation as of a pet's-eye view.

For pets by means of motion sickness, there's an effectual cure in Pfizer's Cerenia, Becker says. And if all else fails, present are indeed doggy doses of the tranquilizer Xanax.

"And following that, still the anxious appreciated are content leaving downward the road," he said.

Melissa Preddy is a Michigan-based self-employed writer. Reach her via

Melissa Preddy is a Michigan-based self-employed writer. Reach her via

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