Fisker Begins Production of the $88,000 Karma Plug-In Hybrid

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2012 Fisker Karma

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Androids may dream of electric sheep, but as of today, one more electric car is in fact in production. Fiskers Finnish contractor casement assembling manufacture examples of the $88,000 Karma plug-in hybrid today. It be hypothetical to trickle eager on showrooms in the U.S. and Europe inside the after that month.

Fisker list the 402-hp Karma determination run for 50 on foot in EV mode, following construct occasion the GM-sourced turbocharged four determination kick on to make juice for the electric motor. Although weve driven the Karma"you can appreciate writing the filled appraisal here"we havent yet had the chance to conduct any variety tests. Until we do, name us skeptical of the companys variety estimate. We can say, however, so as to the Karma is attractive quick, and rapidly a polite ride/handling balance.

With 3000 deposits of $5000 every in hand, Fisker is aiming for 7000 similar of the Karma universal for the year. This strength be too ambitious a target, but it tableware similar to a pale figure of Karmas determination hit the roads petroleum year"even if, at $88,000 and up, so as to street is attract Rodeo.

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