Final 16 in U.S. GT Academy to compete at Silverstone:

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The 16 GT Academy finalists as of  the United States are moving on to Silverstone.
The 16 GT Academy finalists as of the United States are moving on to Silverstone.

The remaining 16 contestants in the U.S. GT Academy determination skull to Englands Silverstone circuit for a weeklong book camp in June, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Nissan North America supposed Wednesday.

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The GT Academy casement by means of 53,000 registrants who competed for the chance to contest for Nissan in an undisclosed event. Contestants competed by,by means of the Gran Turismo 5 video game, construct is merely obtainable on the PlayStation 3 console.

The final 16 competitors proved to be the best and determination now get completely by means of this as of the console to the circuit at Silverstone in June.

œWe seem forward to receiving our finalists at the back the wheel at the Silverstone circuit as we get one pace closer to crowning our primary GT Academy winner for the United States, supposed Scott Steinberg, vice president of manufactured goods ,advertising for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The weeklong boot camp determination examination the competitors bodily and cerebral abilities. The drivers determination contain the chance to prove shortfall at the back the wheel of real Nissan contest cars. They determination be judged by a board of racing professionals feature on skills, presentation and aptitude. The board determination after that get rid of the contestants awaiting merely one remains.

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