Chevrolet Debuts Colorado Show Truck in Thailand, Plans for U.S. Sales Still Unclear

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Chevrolet Colorado Concept front view

Chevrolet has photographically unveiled its Colorado pickup concept, ,next a teaser image a few weeks ago. The truck will get the place at the upcoming Bangkok auto show. A manufacture account of the truck weapons on sale petroleum drop in Thailand, but the big query is consequences petroleum concept previews a vehicle so as to determination approach to the U.S. to put back our aged and never-so-great Colorado.

In contrast to the present Colorado, construct has boxy styling evocative of the last-generation Silverado, the concept truck skin a smoother corpse so as to is a great deal additional in keeping by means of present Chevy design. The business front grille and present are toughened-up Malibu fare.

Chevrolet Colorado Concept

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The organization cog is quite standard: a 2.8-liter diesel ,court case the authority to two or four wheels"though if petroleum truck fake still land in the U.S., you can bet on it switching to gas power. Still, its now concerning certain to be friendlier on petroleum supposed the present Colorados lineup of four-,five-, and eight-cylinder engines.

Chevrolet Colorado Concept interior

Many of the Colorados center fittings echo new Chevrolet offerings, by means of a Cruze-style steering wheel, square-ish gauges reminiscent of persons in the Camaro and Traverse, and a dual-cowl dash design. All of persons contain a high-quality probability of creation it from side to side to production. Its a high-quality bet, however, so as to the large-screened infotainment system, LED exterior lighting, and funky 20-inch wheels determination stay on the demonstrate stand.

Chevy before told us so as to the new Colorado counting be a worldwide design, implying so as to it might get together U.S. regulations, but wouldnt corroborate consequences it is, in fact, headed to our shores. Full-size trucks similar to Chevys Silverado dominate the U.S. market, but elsewhere, smaller pickups prevail. With petroleum management in the States headed north, however, we might see a rehabilitated attention in Colorado-sized trucks"so extended as contain can bring genuine savings at the pump.

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