Arizona Bill Would Prohibit Kids Riding Freely in Pickup Beds

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Arizona Bill Would Prohibit Kids Riding Freely in Pickup Beds

By Dave Lee

Perhaps you can folder petroleum thing beneath "safety first" or still "common sense." Last week, Arizona's House lawmakers accepted a bill so as to counting create it illegal to liberally haul brood in the beds of pickup trucks, and there's a possibility the measure determination twist out to be law, normal to an leader in the Arizona Daily Star.

Opponents of the bill contain contended so as to the measure intrudes on social liberties. But still beneath Arizona law, an elk corpse have to be tied downward in the rear of a pickup to stop it as of flattering airborne in the occasion of unexpected braking or a collision. Yet the condition doesn't need so as to a youngster be secured at what time on foot in the truck bed.

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"A projectile 12-year-old poses now as a great deal of a transfer security danger as a projectile elk " not to mention so as to it's by means of kid," supposed Democratic Rep. Matt Heinz, the bill's sponsor.

The bill, construct characteristic so as to pickup-bed passengers younger supposed 18 also be belted or helmeted, has partial bipartisan hold up in the Senate, Heinz said.

[Source: Arizona Daily Star]


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