2013 Dodge Viper – Feature

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2013 Dodge Viper

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What it is: A two-seat super"sports car absent for deceased in the wakeof Chryslers wait in Chapter 11 purgatory, exhumed by Fiat boss SergioMarchionne. Styling is predictable to echo rudiments of the Alfa Romeo 8CCompetizione and Zagatos Alfa Romeo TZ3 concept car. Dealers got to seea plan learn in September, but it leftovers shrouded in secrecy. RalphGilles, VP of plan at Chrysler and CEO of the Dodge division, recentlytold an ,manufacturing conference so as to the styling of the after that Viper wasinspired by a œnaked lady on the beach. This might be very, extremely goodor"depending on construct naked lady served as inspiration"less so.

25 Cars Worth Waiting For

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